Analysis Of Competition In Condom Industry

- May 24, 2019-

One, condom market environment and industry analysis

1. Market structure

(1) the main product brands that make up this market are Durex, Jissbon, Okamoto, gaobang, Knox, sixth sense, dolux Donless, double G spot and bainille HBM

(2) Durex, Jissbon and Okamoto are the main brands in the market

(3) brands that compete with the brand include Jissbon, Okamoto, gaobang, Norse, sixth sense, Donless, double G spot and bally HBM

2. Economic situation

Overall consumption trend shows growth, experts believe that condoms are currently the most popular contraceptive tools, in the next few decades, the development trend of China's condom market will be the situation of continuous growth in demand.

3. Market culture background

Ii. Overview of market competition in the condom industry

Condoms have become a necessity in daily life, but under the influence of traditional Chinese culture, the promotion of products is limited and the popularity of products is reduced.

At the beginning of 2011, when the Chinese condom industry ushered in a new spring of development, a few unexpected incidents made the industry waves again, become the focus of the network media attention.Some brand condom is immersed in "false foreign goods" incident, some condom production enterprise USES "small shenyang" as trademark cause public opinion to be in an uproar.Why do these "little things" make the condom industry the focus of media attention outside the mainstream media?What kind of inspiration does this bring to our industry standard management?Are Chinese condom companies facing a credit crisis?

Chinese condoms have gone global

In our country condom production belongs to the industry with earlier industrialization, early in half many centuries ago, already realized mechanization to produce in China.Now, no matter be the sale volume of condom or output, our country is in front row, quality also has reached the level in the world."Compared with developing countries in Asia, domestic condom manufacturers have comparative advantages in production technology and product quality.And it has gone global since the last century, increasing its share of the international market.China rubber industry association latex branch President tao ran said.

"Especially last year, Chinese condoms made it to the World Cup for the first time."Chinese condoms are being recognized by the world," China association for prenatal and postnatal care medical device technical working committee (hereinafter referred to as the "drug device committee") told reporters, as the service of China's medical device for prenatal and postnatal care professional institutions, the drug device committee has been paying close attention to the Chinese condom industry.In February 2010, South Africa's health ministry began ordering condoms from China for the World Cup.By the end of may, on the eve of the World Cup, China had provided 60 million condoms to South Africa's health ministry.

With the development of science and technology, the technical content of condoms in China is also increasing.Not long ago, a brand of condoms claimed that the company has developed "the world's first and only clinically proven condom made of the revolutionary non-latex material" polyisoprene ", which appeals to the skin-like feeling brought by the new non-latex material: intimacy, comfort and nature.

In view of the continuous emergence of new technology and new materials in the condom industry, the relevant personage of the committee said that Chinese consumers' awareness of condom consumption has risen to a new level, which also shows that the quality and level of condoms made in China has almost caught up with or even surpassed those made in Britain and the United States.

"At present our country condom market is the situation that homebred brand, entrance brand coexist."Domestic some senior condom business Mr. Kuang told the reporter in the interview.The brand image of imported condoms is better than that of domestic brands. Jindun, durex, jasbang, okamoto and other first-tier brands have occupied most of the domestic high-end market and the market of large cities.Some second and third-tier brands are mainly targeted at county-level cities or regions below, and a small part of large urban markets.

According to statistics, there are about 700 million condom users of the right age in China, and 90 million regular consumers. The annual production of condoms is about 3 billion, which is aimed at consumers.In the coming decades, China's population and the reproductive population is still on the rise, as the government promote contraception measures "informed choices" policy, people's health consciousness unceasing enhancement, the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of contraceptive choice, condoms as a convenient and almost no side effects of contraception, will be accepted by more and more consumers.

Condom labeling enterprises need to standardize their business practices

On March 14 of this year, the official website of safroshield condoms was found to contain "a legal statement on joint action against the company's products".In view of this phenomenon, a domestic condom wholesale production senior enterprise personage told the reporter: "Chinese condom brand competition has always been fierce, individual producers in order to seek profits in the short term, the illegal appropriation of well-known product brands, thus saving a huge expenditure.

It is understood that currently condoms are jointly managed by three government departments: the state food and drug administration will treat them as second-class medical device products, and issue production licenses for medical devices and registration certificates for medical device products;The ministry of health classifies them as disposable sanitary articles and issues sanitary licenses.As well as the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of condoms to implement mandatory quality certification management.

The condom industry needs to develop the right strategies

The condom industry to develop the correct countermeasures how to promote the orderly development of the condom industry, to adapt to the needs of the domestic and foreign market competition, in the interview, the committee of pharmaceutical equipment pointed out that the condom industry to face the reality, the use of the domestic and foreign market brought about by the development of the track, to overcome the adverse factors, the development of the correct countermeasures.

For consumers, to expand publicity, so that consumers truly informed choice.Data show that the per capita use of condoms in China is only 2, the use rate of women of childbearing age is only 3.9%, there is a big gap with the per capita consumption of nearly 20 condoms in developed countries, promoting the use of condoms in China still has a long way to go.

For enterprises to strengthen the industry self-discipline, to ensure the quality of factory products.As a production enterprise to ensure the quality of condom products, in strict accordance with national standards organization production, strict implementation of national quality management laws and regulations, strengthen product quality control, to ensure that consumers meet the requirements of the national standard condoms.At the same time, clean up the OEM, the poor qualification of the OEM not processing, to ensure the quality of products into the hands of consumers.

For the government, it is necessary to strengthen market supervision and strictly prevent unqualified products from entering the market.The state should establish a level playing field as soon as possible and crack down on the practice of mixing fake, inferior, expired or scrapped products into the market after replacing their packaging.At the same time to strengthen the quality of imported condoms supervision, prevent inferior imported condoms to disrupt the market, protect fair competition.

In short, the development of China's condom industry presents more opportunities than challenges.Condom is a bestowing favor on big, growing market, have broad development prospect.