An Automated Revolution Triggered By Masks

- Mar 03, 2020-

Beginning of 2020, sudden "black swan" -- new coronavirus, broke the rhythm of all people, also broke the rhythm of all enterprises, in this no smoke battlefield, scientific and technological forces to the front, for the fight against "epidemic" made contributions.

"Epidemic" of resistance force of science and technology is divided into two main lines: the resistance to disease at the front, with the core of building up the AI epidemic prevention wall, non-contact temperature monitoring, AI wisdom and epidemic prevention solutions, CT imaging diagnosis, SenseCare platform of intelligence diagnosis and treatment, the uav patrol remind, disinfection, robot and distribution of medical supplies, cloud computing aided diagnosis, research and development new drugs vaccine, intelligent call information collection, online q&a, etc. In order to reduce has contributed to the outbreak.

On the other hand, in the rear of the anti-epidemic, the automatic equipment such as robot is also becoming the strong backing of medical materials manufacturing: the promotion of fully automatic production line of masks, robot welding of medical beds and ambulances.

However, for some of the traditional manufacturing industry, which has been on the sidelines without automation upgrade, due to personnel constraints, companies have been unable to resume work, production line stagnation, is suffering.

Automated changes in mask manufacturing seem to have accelerated in a short time, flooding into a host of automation companies.

After knowing the production process of mask, relying on the advantages of automatic production equipment, liyuanheng is making every effort to build the "automatic plane mask production line".Changying precision cooperated with affiliated medical enterprises of the central government to launch a full-automatic production line of high-speed flat earband mask into production.Even huasheng control, which focuses on the research and development of parallel robots, has recently announced a joint project with huitong automation to build a fully automatic intelligent production line for masks.In addition, there are a whole set of unmanned mask production system launched by zhongshe robot and automatic production line of high-speed flat ear belt mask launched by sumeida.

The automated revolution inspired by masks

Some people in the industry put forward, if these traditional manufacturing industries have already realized the automation of production, replaced by robots, production line to achieve flexible production, only a small number of human to operate, coupled with high robot efficiency, low error rate, whether in this special period can avoid today's "a difficult to obtain" situation?

Judging from the production process of masks, at present, the semi-automatic mask production line still needs 3-6 people to operate. In fact, quite a number of mask manufacturers are still in the semi-automatic stage, which is indeed an important factor limiting the production of masks under the situation of personnel shortage during the epidemic.

The fully automated mask machine is relatively labor-saving, requiring only 2-3 operators. In fact, with the production line application, the manual work is mainly in the sorting and packaging process at the back end, which is where the parallel robot can be replaced.

"Crisis" and "opportunity" of China's manufacturing industry under the epidemic

From masks to the whole manufacturing industry, for some small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, the outbreak is undoubtedly a test of life and death.

As a labor-intensive industry, the development of manufacturing is closely related to "people", and the speed and rate of rework of personnel are important indicators to measure the impact of manufacturing.

But fortunately, in the war against the "epidemic", robot and other automation enterprises are also spare no effort to contribute to the meager strength, in addition to the above mentioned we for the production of masks automation efforts, there are some companies behind the silent support.

For example, eston, which provides a complete motion control scheme for mask machine, openline, which produces gear for mask equipment and gear for planetary reduction machine, lienyi and instar, which provides motor for mask machine, hechuan science and technology, which provides system scheme and a complete set of service products for mask machine, and AKD, which provides accessories for mask machine.

In addition to the serious shortage of equipment management, operation and maintenance personnel caused by the delayed resumption of work, the failure of relevant personnel to master the running state of key equipment in the factory in real time is also a key factor affecting the resumption of work in manufacturing enterprises.