A Customer Who I Have Contacted With For 10 Years Has Placed An Order Eventually.

- Dec 22, 2017-

 I have been connect with this Iranian client for 10 years,but he has placed an order until this year.


 The customer was connect with me in 2007 and it was my first year in Jubao.I didn’t understand many things when I just came to this company.It was necessary to me to understand many  things of equipment ,compared to the clothes and shoes which easily understand, it spends three to five times more time to understand its process,accessories, operation and how to do the finished products .Each accessory has many brands,and the quality of accessories also directly affect the quality of equipment.As a seller is also to understand each accessory’s quality characteristics and cost . 

 When I was connect with this customer initially,I studied while I looked for various information which the customer needed to.I could take photos for my customer to see if I didn’t understand.I still remember one time that I worked overtime to 12 o’clock at night to do an entire program for the customer, so the boss came to urge me to go home several times,and I agree with him.Unwittingly,it was 12 o’clock,in order to get home safely ,so the boss decided to drive me home personally.I felt a great sense of achievement because I handed a whole set of programme which the customer wanted.

 We had introduced the equipment to our customer for three years ,so he decided to buy from us.It has started to affix PI’S seal all the way since 2010 .In the aggregate,we have sent the original PI for the customer 4 times and repeatedly revised PI with a dozen pages a dozen times ,But I never be sick of it.My boss said to me:”SOPHY,you are still seal this PI,it’s been a few years.”I said i believed this customer, he will order from me at last.”On one occasion,a client called and said the bank which he would go needed to the last PI when all people in our company was training.Then I came back from a place where was more than ten kilometers away without complaints.However,we found that we had not the office seal after finishing closing the document.I said to the customer that I really had no way to give you the office seal because the agency company had no people work in the weekend.The client said whether I could do something about it ,because he had had an appointment with the bank.I finally got the office seal after calling the agent twice.So the client was very moved,then said to me:”Do you know why I selected to cooperate with your? Because you give me any documents duly every times.Even though another JUJIE company’s quoted price is lower than you,once I asked him for documents,but he said that he was on a business trip and gave me the documents 5 days later.So I decided to choose your company.  


 On January 2016,I really was surprised that the letter of credit for 950000 euros has open to us,such a large amount of money.The client didn’t come to our factory to inspect and didn’t see me.And he gave me a such larger order.However,because the letter of credit of Iran had so many requirements,and there were five clauses that we couldn’t accept,so we refused this letter of credit unless they revise it.After a half a year,when I decided to give up it because of no notify of revising,The revised letter of credit had been sent on January 2017.Then we started a deal on an order.


 From the client we can sum up that patience and sincerity were the most important thing to achieve.And the proficiency of the product’s knowledge can help customers understand the return of his investment project faster and more accurately. We have shipped all machines to this customer, and we will try our best to help customer to run his factory as the most popular at local, and also hope customer good business.