2019 Yiwu Plastic And Rubber Machinery Industry Exhibition

- Jul 09, 2019-

Organization: Shanghai huabo exhibition service co., LTD. Yiwu chuangjie exhibition service co., LTD

Co-organizer: zhangjiagang plastic beverage machinery association of ningbo plastic machinery industry association

Yuyao mould industry association huangyan mould industry association wenling plastic industry association

Overseas joint organization unit: the home of the world businessmen (yiwu foreign big chamber of commerce) yiwu chamber of commerce yiwu chamber of commerce in Lebanon Iraq yiwu chamber of commerce in India yiwu yiwu Sudan Turkish chamber of commerce chamber of commerce yiwu yiwu Libyan Egyptian chamber of commerce chamber of commerce yiwu chamber of commerce in Nepal yiwu, yiwu chamber of commerce in Jordan, Saudi Arabia chamber of commerce yiwu yiwu yemen Iran chamber of commerce chamber of commerce yiwu yiwu Bangladesh Afghanistan Pakistan chamber of commerce of Sri Lanka

Joint support units: zhejiang plastics industry association, the Shanghai association, the guangdong association of plastic plastic association, jiangsu, jiangxi, shanxi association of plastic, plastic association in shandong province association of plastic, plastic association in anhui, xinjiang plastics association, the association of hunan suye, fujian association of plastic, plastic association in henan province and hainan plastic association, the tianjin plastic association, yunnan association of plastic, etc

Strategic cooperation (sponsor) unit: actively recruiting, jointly build product strategy (for details, please contact us for request)

◆ exhibition overview

2019 yiwu plastic and rubber machinery industry exhibition area will be held in yiwu international expo center from April 1 to April 3 every year.With the strong support and joint efforts from all walks of life, it has successfully held nine exhibitions, and won the praise and favor of many exhibitors with its professional and international characteristics.The exhibition gathers brand exhibitors, involving the upstream and mid-stream enterprises of the plastic industry chain, covering plastic raw materials, engineering modification, plastic mold, plastic processing intelligent equipment, automation technology, plastic semi-products, plastic packaging color printing......And other industrial chains.Relying on zhejiang plastic industry, the exhibition aims to promote industrial development and is committed to providing a business platform for China's plastic industry.With the continuous rise of national strategies such as One Belt And One Road in the 13th five-year plan, "yiwu", relying on the current national One Belt And One Road strategy, promotes the development of the plastic industry and industrial transformation and upgrading, greatly improves the appeal and influence of yiwu plastic exhibition, and provides a good platform for opening the international trade market.The exhibition will continue its professional organization, marketization and internationalization to ensure its vitality.Introduce and apply innovative technology for plastics industry, provide innovation power for enterprises and grow together with the industry.

◆ overview of previous years

With good reputation, the continuing influence of successive show the last exhibition area of 30000 square meters, more than 300 exhibitors, the exhibition has attracted more than 80 countries and regions of 32816 professional audiences to visit, including 3266 foreign merchants, focus on professional media + 60, institute of visitors more than 20, has developed into the cover international exhibition of the plastics industry, buyers to provide one-stop shopping platform for industry.Successive with gm, he, too, haida sea, lundgren, songstress, nahuy warburg, bell, Johnson &johnson, starfish, Ming shing industry, huey long, macro vibration, billiton express, linor, high school, green, xiangyu, coney di, fu shunda, with interest, in the plastic, Europe was, proview, comerica, dongshan, Andrew bynum, Thai, shenda, east force, YueHong, fu xin dragon, a large number of nanjiang rubber plastic industry in China famous brand manufacturers and dealers to carry advanced equipment exhibition enthusiastically, excellent appearance.

One Belt And One Road intelligent manufacturing and processing equipment professional matchmaking

To build an unobstructed theme of "silk road economic belt" international trade channel, we will invite representatives of more than 200 professional overseas purchasers from around the world to have face-to-face communication and discussion with domestic suppliers on the spot, so as to seek opportunities for win-win cooperation.This matchmaking meeting is a targeted, highlighting the needs of buyers of machinery and equipment industry trade matchmaking meeting.After careful screening by the organizer, the two parties will first put forward their requirements through the matchmaking platform in the early stage, and then the platform will match the corresponding enterprises for the merchants.The products purchased by the buyers invited are quite close to the characteristics of the products exhibited in this exhibition, which provides a platform for businessmen from all over the world to exchange and cooperate with each other, creates a good business environment and greatly promotes the development of industrial international trade.

Silk road global business association

As an exhibition, business negotiation is still an important function.Silk road line global businessmen fellowships ccpit on April 1 evening held in international exhibition center, from all the countries embassy invited region, national chamber of commerce, professional buyers, trading company etc, more than 300 foreign chamber of commerce in more than 120 countries and representatives attending fellowships, true to form the fair trade interaction, service industry and help the exhibitors to open up trade face-to-face industry docking platform, which is a major highlight of this exhibition.

★ One Belt And One Road strategy, many leaders enjoy a feast

Yiwu national One Belt And One Road strategy for the exhibition brought more vigorous development of vitality.It attracts more overseas buyers and sellers to participate actively and becomes a platform for Chinese and foreign enterprises to develop new technology and equipment.Leaders of zhejiang provincial government, provincial department of commerce, provincial department of civil affairs, yiwu municipal government, representatives of Chinese embassies and consulates from more than 20 countries and leaders of relevant industry associations attended the opening ceremony. More than 100 media witnessed the grand scene of the event.

◆ organizing advantages

[radiating the whole world] China small commodity city is one of the large small commodity export bases in China. The commodities have been exported to 219 countries and regions, with an annual export of more than 570,000 standard containers, accounting for 65% of the foreign trade export.Plastic products industry has been the strength of the yiwu export products, export products in daily plastic products, cultural and educational work class sports and entertainment products and daily-use plastic products manufacturing, rubber based on market demand and so on, at present this kind of products are mainly exported to the United States, southeast Asia, Australia, eu, South America and other countries, accounting for 50.1% of all exports of yiwu market, fresh, new huge market of plastic industry.

[merchants gather] in yiwu, nearly half a million foreign businessmen come to purchase every year;There are more than 15,000 foreign businessmen in more than 100 countries and regions, and more than 20 multinational retail groups, including wal-mart and metro, and more than 30 well-known domestic chain supermarkets.There are 5,700 foreign-related institutions in the city, among which more than 2,500 are foreign-invested partnerships, accounting for more than 75% of the country

With the continuous deepening of the "One Belt And One Road" national strategy, different from the previous years, yiwu from "One Belt And One Road" along the country merchants increased significantly, is "One Belt And One Road" along the country merchants gather.With the rapid development of china-europe railway express, yiwu has opened 9 routes and maintained business contacts with 64 countries and regions along the route.From January to February 2018, yiwu exported 26.17 billion yuan to countries and regions along the "One Belt And One Road" route, up 63.1% year on year. More than 50% of the export growth came from countries along the "One Belt And One Road" route, which built a convenient land trade channel

[trade position] yiwu, known as the "world supermarket", is one of the bellwether of China's foreign trade export. The trade pattern of "buy global sell global" is accelerating.April is the peak period of foreign exchange earning and trade negotiation. Many foreign businessmen come to China for purchasing for a month, which is also a convenient time for foreign businessmen to enter China. As long as they pass the invitation letter of Canton fair, they can enter China.

◆ scope of exhibition

★ intelligent injection molding ★ injection molding machinery ★ extrusion

★ plastic packaging machinery ★ blowing machinery ★ rubber machinery

★ plastic flexible packaging equipment ★ film technology ★ mold and auxiliary equipment

★ auxiliary equipment and testing equipment ★ recycling technology ★ bio-plastics

★ chemical raw materials, additives ★ function pigment masterbatch ★ composite and special materials