2019 Shanghai International Medical Packaging Machinery And Medical Packaging Materials Exhibition

- Jul 02, 2019-

2019 Shanghai international medical exhibition July 11-13 Shanghai expo exhibition hall official website: www.ylqxz.cn

2019 Beijing international medical exhibition September 26-28, China international exhibition center exhibition website: www.ylqxz.cn/beijing

The official website of shenzhen convention and exhibition center is www.ylqxz.cn/shenzhen

The 25 2019 China (Shanghai) international medical equipment fair will be on July 11, 2019-13 will be held in Shanghai world expo exhibition center, exhibition will integrate resources for domestic and foreign medical device manufacturers to provide a can do export can do domestic trade exhibition platform, let the domestic and foreign exhibitors develop international and domestic market more effectively.In line with the purpose of expanding market, enhancing communication and expanding sales and services for enterprises, the organizing unit promotes the prosperity of the medical device market.We believe that this exhibition will bring you unlimited business opportunities, and we hope that all medical devices related units actively sign up to participate!

The organization

Approved by: Shanghai commerce commission

Organizer: Shanghai juyi exhibition service co., LTD

China medical and health association

Chinese medical exchange association

Supported by: China medical device association, jiangsu medical device association, American medical device manufacturers association

Zhejiang medical device association Korea medical device industry association Hong Kong medical and healthcare device industry association

Media support: China medical device bidding network China medical device purchasing network medical business network maidi medical device information network

China medical equipment manufacturers network China medical equipment network medical equipment talent network medical equipment information network

Forge ahead with the medical equipment network eastern medical equipment network central plains medical equipment network investment network

Procurement of medical devices, medical instruments and reagents, Chinese medical care, Chinese journal of medical devices

Organizer: Shanghai juyi exhibition service co., LTD

The schedule

Opening ceremony: July 11, 2019 (9:00-9:30)

Exhibition: July 11-13, 2019 removal: July 13, 2019 afternoon

· exhibition fee (note: 20% extra charge for double-sided open booth)

Exhibition type domestic enterprise joint venture overseas enterprise

Standard exhibition platform 12800 yuan /9m2 25800 yuan /9m2 USD5000 yuan /9m2

Luxury standard booth 16800 yuan /9m2 28800 yuan /9m2 USD5380 yuan /9m2

Indoor bare space (starting from 36m2) : 1600 yuan /m2:2600 yuan /m2: USD500 yuan /m2

Standard booth configuration: three side hoardings, one negotiating table, two chairs, chinese-english lintel board, two spotlights, 220V/5A power socket, carpet covered booth) and other extra expenses shall be borne by the exhibitors.

The cost of empty space includes: exhibition space, carpet, security service, booth cleaning service.

Magazine and other advertisements

Sealing surface: 36,000 yuan sealing base: 30,000 yuan sealing 2:20,000 yuan sealing 3:15,000 yuan

Page: 12,000 yuan color page: 8,000 yuan black page: 5,000 yuan ticket: 30,000 yuan / 50,000 yuan

Arch door: 30,000 yuan/period balloon: 20,000 yuan/period banner: 20,000 yuan/period exhibition/visiting certificate: 50,000 yuan

Seminar: 36,000 RMB/session for domestic enterprises and 6,800 usd/session for overseas enterprises

During the exhibition, the organizer will organize several seminars to carry out international technical and economic exchanges, publicize and introduce products.All units can apply for the exhibition. Please choose your own theme and submit it to the organizer together with the application form, so as to arrange the venue and facilities as early as possible, and provide: meeting room for 2 hours, tables and chairs, 1 projector, 2 microphones, 1 curtain.

Secretariat of organizing committee:

Shanghai juyi exhibition service co., LTD

Address: room 1003, building A, twin towers, no.668 shenzhuan road, songjiang district, Shanghai

Telephone: 021-51987165-805

The true: 021-64126798

E-mail: 1799696971 @qq.com

Contact: shen jie 15801703726