2019 Shanghai Chemical Industry Exhibition/China International Chemical Industry Exhibition

- Jul 01, 2019-

2019 Shanghai chemical industry exhibition/China international chemical industry exhibition

2019 Shanghai chemical industry exhibition/ICIF China

Organization unit:

Sponsor: China petroleum and chemical industry federation

Sponsor: chemical industry branch of ccpit

China chemical industry information center

ICIF China

2019 (18th) China international chemical industry exhibition

Date: September 18-20, 2019

Venue: Shanghai new international expo center

The exhibition scale

The total exhibition area is 25,000 square meters

The exhibition profile

Relevant units:

ICIF China was first held in 1992, and has been successfully held for 17 sessions in the past 27 years.

With the support of China petroleum and chemical industry federation, China council for the promotion of international trade chemical industry branch and China chemical industry information center, ICIF China has become an indispensable annual event for China petrochemical industry and related applied industries.China international chemical industry exhibition is the top chemical industry exhibition in Asia.With a scale of about 25,000 square meters and nearly 600 exhibitors, the exhibition covers basic chemicals, fine and special chemicals, chemical packaging and storage and transportation, petroleum and chemical industry, new energy, chemical technology and equipment and innovative products of intelligent chemical industry.The exhibition will attract more than 30,000 visitors.Since 1992, ICIF China has become the preferred platform for government agencies and key decision makers to communicate and trade together.

ICIF China 2019 will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from September 18 to 20, 2019. The exhibition will be held at the same time as the 14th China international rubber technology exhibition and the 22nd China international adhesives and sealants exhibition. We look forward to your participation.

Display content

1.Basic chemicals: basic inorganic and organic chemical raw materials, etc

2.Petrochemicals and new energy sources: crude oil, solvent oil, paraffin wax and petroleum product additives

3.Chemical safety and environmental protection: chemical safety production technology, chemical environmental protection technology and equipment, storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals, etc

4.Chemical synthetic materials and raw materials: organic chemical raw materials and intermediates, fluorescent whitening agent, catalyst, plastics additives, surfactants, electronic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, outsourcing custom synthesis/processing chemicals, feed and food additives, biological, chemical, oil field chemicals, leather chemicals, household chemicals, detergents and additives

5.Chemical technology and equipment, pumps, valves, pipe fittings, drying, separating and filtering equipment, powder and screening equipment, intelligent manufacturing, fluid transmission and heat exchange equipment, refrigeration equipment, analysis and testing, laboratory instruments, sealing parts, chemical equipment and equipment

6.Chemical packaging and storage: packaging: IBC ton drums, stainless steel containers, plastic drums, PE valve pockets, paper and plastic composite bags, plastic woven bags, liquid bags, container inflatable bags and packaging equipment storage and transportation: chemical logistics company, storage equipment, storage tank design and engineering

7.Intelligent chemical industry park: chemical industry park, intelligent management platform, Internet of things, automatic control technology, instruments, sensors, etc

8. Dangerous goods logistics technology and equipment: tank containers, logistics transportation, storage, port terminals, logistics parks, logistics technology and equipment, digital management system, etc

The cost

Standard booth (3M×3M) : exhibition board, lintel board, tables and chairs, spotlights, power sockets, garbage cans, carpets, etc.

Ordinary standard exhibition: 12,800 yuan /9 square meters

Upgraded standard exhibition: 15,800 yuan /9 square meters

Cost of bare land: 1180 yuan/square meter (minimum rental area: 36 square meters).

ICIF China 2019

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