2019 China Labor Protection Gloves Exhibition And Automatic Computer Gloves Weaving And Weaving Exhibition

- Jul 16, 2019-

The exhibition shows

The 98th China Shanghai labor protection and safety protection products exhibition in 2019

Sponsor: China textile business association

Sponsor: China textile circulation (Beijing) exhibition co., LTD

Exhibition time: April 20-22, 2019

Venue: Shanghai new expo center

Shanghai labor insurance exhibition scale: 6 pavilions, 70,000 square meters, W1 hall e1-e5 hall;

Shanghai labor insurance exhibition area distribution

Hall W1: body protection articles hall;

E1 hall: the whole series and supporting security supplies hall;

E2 pavilion: head and respiratory protective equipment pavilion;

Hall e3-5: hall of hand and foot protective articles.

Aramong special materials: changshu baofeng, yantai taihe, xinxiang zhongke reflective materials, hangzhou lian protection, Qingdao meikang fire protection materials, zhejiang jiayun new materials, shaoxing pu materials, Shanghai weifeng new materials, emperor aramong, Korea xiaoxing, American dupont, shandong xintiancheng, etc.

Full series of personal protective products: lachlan (Beijing), dyerta (China), 3M China, peisheng (Shanghai), wittzer welding, bianda, dupont chemical, shenzhen pengliang, nanjing guton, yike safety equipment, meisian, suzhou nagyou, 3M, etc.

Eye, facial and ear protection: yuyuan in taizhou, sichuang in jingzhou, gaojian in guangzhou, jilian in tianjin, fenan industry and trade (Shanghai), tianxin in Shanghai, guotai in taizhou, jixing in taizhou, jiemai in yinzhou, tongli in yantai, youan in dongguan, juansi, jinhaina in guangzhou, baohan safety protection, anjianba, etc. 

Shanghai labor insurance exhibits range

Personal protective equipment (head, eye, face, foot and hand protective equipment, protective clothing, fall protective equipment, breathing protective equipment, water life-saving equipment, etc.)

Professional clothing and materials (flame retardant, anti-static, water and oil repellent, tooling, etc.)

Safety production monitoring instruments (radiation and microwave, electrostatic, noise, dust, poison and other monitoring instruments)

Safety production equipment (traffic safety production equipment, miners' safety equipment, oil workers' safety production equipment, mechanical safety production protection device, construction safety equipment, power safety protection equipment, safety testing and monitoring equipment, emergency rescue equipment, fire fighting equipment, etc.)

Consultation and training on production safety technology, lectures on labor protection technology exchange, industry media, evaluation and certification bodies, etc