2019 China Labor Insurance Garment Machinery Exhibition /2019 Shanghai Labor Insurance Glove Machinery Exhibition

- Apr 17, 2019-

The exhibition shows

The 98th China labor protection products fair in 2019

The 98th Shanghai labor protection products fair in 2019

I. venue: Shanghai new international expo center;

Ii. Exhibition time: from April 20 to 22, 2019

Sponsor: China textile commercial association

Iv. Organizer: China textile circulation (Beijing) exhibition co., LTD

V. exhibition scope:

1. Personal protective equipment (head, eye, face, foot, hand protective equipment, fall protective equipment, breathing protective equipment, etc.)

2. Professional clothing and materials (flame retardant, anti-static, water-repellent and oil-repellent, tooling, etc.)

3. Safety production monitoring instruments (radiation and microwave, static electricity, noise, dust and other monitoring instruments)

4.Safety production equipment (traffic safety equipment, miner safety equipment, oil workers safety production equipment, mechanical safety production protection equipment, construction safety equipment, electrical safety protection equipment, safety detection and monitoring equipment, emergency rescue equipment, fire equipment, etc.)

5. Safety production technology consulting training, labor protection technology exchange lectures, industry media, evaluation and certification agencies, etc.

Vi: introduction to the exhibition

China labor insurance supplies fair was founded in 1966, held in spring and autumn every year, the 52nd anniversary, 52 years of glorious historical records, the creation of China labor insurance supplies fair is China's big, strong world, one of the important labor insurance, safety protection professional international trade exhibition.So far 97 sessions have been held, the spring of 2019 is the 96th session, the exhibition sponsored by the China textile business association, has received strong support and support from the ministry of commerce.Adhering to the "relying on industry, service industry, improve industry" tenet, with "dominance of domestic demand, international cooperation, industrial upgrading," as the main line, through trade, fashion clothing exhibition distribution, trend display, docking discussion and other professional economic and trade activities, leading the fashion industry, promote the industry transformation, and tries to build up a textile and garment industry development driven innovation service platform, improving ningbo clothing brand and city brand.

It is held in Shanghai in April and October every year, and takes turns to tour around the country in October.The exhibition has a significant effect, and the exhibitors are satisfied with it. Every year, nearly two thousand enterprises participate in the exhibition, and all of them have achieved good results. Ninety percent of the safety protection products in the Chinese market are from China.The exhibition of Shanghai labor insurance association will be held in Shanghai new international expo center on April 20, 2019. It is estimated that 2,800 manufacturers from 35 countries will participate in the exhibition and will attract 52,000 international professional visitors.

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