What are the steps for printing advertising balloons?

- Apr 07, 2019-

Advertising balloon printing is completed in four steps. The first step is to inflate the balloon. Place the balloon in a fixed mold box and inflate the balloon with a deflector.

The advertisement balloon is sent to the printing system by conveyor belt for printing.Printing and distribution are synchronous, microcomputer speed control system will be in accordance with the locking uniform rotation speed, after printing of the balloon to finish drying process, at the same time in the transmission to ensure the printing effect of each balloon clear without scratches pattern without loss, after drying, the balloon color uniform design clarity, rubber vulcanization transfer ink pattern is already fixed go up in the balloon will never fall off.The following is the procedure of holding the balloon. After drying, the balloon will drop off the printed advertisement balloon through holding the balloon, dry and set the design and recover, and finally enter the packaging stage of the advertisement balloon.

Advertising balloons color distribution: ratio of the color of the ink and the balloon is very strict otherwise cannot guarantee pattern is bright and clear, the general color such as yellow pink balloon printing ink to use brunet attune such as red and black, then neither the heavier advertising balloon printing color with light color attune such as black and red blue balloon balloon printing when it is best to use white advertising balloon special ink, so balloons and printing patterns formed foil each other.

As cheap advertising materials, advertising balloons are widely used in the promotion of electronics, food, clothing and other fields.

Advertising balloons also play an irreplaceable role in wedding celebrations, festival celebrations and anniversary celebrations. LOGO can be printed on the surface of balloons, and printing can be carried out according to the patterns provided by customers. The patterns of enterprises and trademarks can be printed on balloons, and celebratory texts can be used for advertising.(1) to expand the visibility of the enterprise (2) to expand product sales.

Advertising balloon into the market for small and medium-sized enterprises as a new means of advertising, both economic and affordable, in the store to celebrate, zhou qing, new product promotion, product promotion and other activities to give so as to achieve the publicity of the brand effect in the hearts of the people.

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