What are the elements to watch out for when producing latex gloves

- Mar 21, 2019-

What are the factors to pay attention to when producing latex gloves?

Production of latex gloves should first be clear about the object of protection, and then carefully selected.Alkali latex gloves, have strong acid resistance, low concentration of acid resistance, and acid resistance low concentration alkali latex gloves can not be used in contact with high concentration of acid.

Production of protective latex gloves waterproof, latex gloves should be carefully checked before use, to observe whether there is damage to the surface, the simple way is to blow into the latex gloves, pinched mouth, observe whether air leakage.Do not use if air leaks.Rubber, plastic and other protective latex gloves should be washed after use, cool dry, avoid high temperature when preservation, and on the products with talc powder to prevent adhesion.Manufacturers of latex gloves should regularly check the electrical insulation performance when producing latex gloves.Statistical analysis of the data can know that the oecd into mineral oil or fluorinated resin treatment, can prevent the entry of water and oil.This treatment improves the mechanical properties of the leather, making it more resistant to wear and increasing the comfort (softness) and extended dexterity (touch) of latex gloves, as well as extending the life of the gloves.The treatment makes the leather more resistant to heat and reduces shrinkage in contact with flames.This treatment brings the leather into contact with a heat source for easy identification and will stain the leather yellow.This treatment can also be applied to the top coat.

The primary consideration of the problem of coating waterproof leather is to reduce the cost as much as possible in the design of labor protection latex gloves under the premise of the same aesthetic feeling and function, starting from the details of style, material, the difficulty of production, the structure of clothing and so on.At the same time, it can keep soft after being used in the oily and wet places, with longer service life and accurate action.

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