The utility model relates to an automatic processing machine for labor protection gloves

- Apr 20, 2019-

The utility model relates to a kind of Labour protection glove automated processing machinery, including the power plant, transmission gear, gloves, mold, drying device, launch device and embedded device, described in the power plant including motor and connected to the motor reducer, described by the drive gear and the gearing is installed on the drive gear transmission chain, transmission gear connected to the power plant, described plant some devices are connected by a cylinder of scraper and placed under the scraper otter.Plant point device plant point fast, high quality, and plant maintenance is convenient, can be applied to mass production.

When the gloves run to the location of the imprinting, the screen down on the gloves, by the scraper to the PVC raw materials through the screen hole pressure on the gloves, and then into the oven, after about 180 degrees of baking, PVC plasticity on the gloves to form a neat arrangement of plastic particles or patterns, trademarks.

This machine with computer control, electromechanical junction and. The use of photoelectric sensor, accurate and automatic control of the transmission action. The use of special quartz infrared heating tube, PVC particles for plasticizing heating, used to improve the adhesion of PVC.

SDC PVC工业植点手套设备9