The utility model relates to an automatic mold stripper for a rubber dipping glove linkage production line

- Apr 23, 2019-

The utility model relates to the automatic demoulding field of rubber dipping gloves, in particular to an automatic demoulding device of a linkage production line of rubber dipping gloves.Which include: frame, used for the transmission of the gloves and gloves in transmission mechanism, clamping device for clamping gloves, used to make holding mechanism about translation of translation agency, translation agencies and conveying mechanism installed on the frame around, holding mechanism connected to the slide rack, transport agencies located below the holding mechanism.It can automatically realize the rubber gloves of demoulding, transmission, without artificial stripping, carrying, high efficiency, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, holding mechanism has simple structure, without filling deflated, U collet is flexible, can according to the hand mold when clamping gloves in certain deformation, on the one hand, reduce the pressure of gloves to avoid any damage gloves, increase the contact area between gloves and on the other hand, by the next gloves off from the mold, high working efficiency, and low cost.

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