The utility model relates to a special equipment for producing linings of flannelette rubber gloves

- May 28, 2019-

Abstract:The invention relates to a method of making the velvet lining to keep warm of glue glove and special equipment, coating glue special equipment is mainly composed of spray system and model of rotary device driver gloves, spray system by the liquid storage tank, spray head, liquid storage tank and spray head connection pipe of pump, rotary device including chain, rail, fetch a chain in the chain of medium distance interval shaft extension extended a push rod drive roller, gloves model of transverse set rotation while forward through the spray zone, make gloves model surface evenly coated with PVC resin emulsion layer or layer, then the sulfide or plasticizing, model rotation while the glove to go forward through glue spraying area,The surface of the glove model is coated with glue layer evenly, and the pre-made glove suede fabric lining suede is covered with the model facing the coat, drying and curing.The outer layer of gloves made of latex or PVC plastic is even thickness, which improves work efficiency and product quality.There is an adhesive layer between the outer layer and the lining of the gloves, so that the suede lining will not be taken out when the gloves are removed.

Main claims: the production method of linings of flannelette rubber gloves, which is characterized by the production process as follows: a. start the pipe pump to spray latex or PVC resin by sprinkler head;B. Start the rotary transmission device installed with the glove model laterally, and make the glove model pass through the spray area while rotating, so that the surface of the glove model can be uniformly coated with latex layer or PVC resin layer;C. Transfer the glove model coated with latex layer or PVC resin layer to the front oven for vulcanization or plasticization of latex or PVC resin;D. The glove model continues to move forward, and start another set of pipe pump located at the back of the front oven to spray glue by sprinkler head;E. The glove model can pass through the glue spraying area as it rotates, so that the surface of the glove model can be uniformly coated with glue layer;F. Start the pre-made glove suede fabric lining with the suede facing the coat to cover the model;G. Drying and curing;H. Take off the tightly bonded gloves from the glove model, when the linings of the suede fabric face inward;Ii. Trim and stitch the inner and outer layers of the wrist area.

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