The utility model relates to a balloon positioning sleeve

- Apr 19, 2019-

The utility model discloses a balloon positioning sleeve, which comprises a sleeve body having an opening and a buckle on the edge of the opening mouth of the sleeve body, and the body wall of the sleeve body is provided with a gap for placing a balloon air nozzle.In balloon printing production line adopts a balloon positioning sleeve, the utility model through the balloon gas mouth to blow the balloon balloon drum, drum up balloons in a balloon in locating sleeve, exposing the balloon printing surface from the balloon positioning, and the balloon printing production line of printing design, printing device in the balloon printing surface after natural air removed from the balloon clip discharge device for balloon printing process is completed.Since the balloon can be positioned through the balloon positioning sleeve, the inflatable balloon will not wiggle during printing, and the pattern is clear to avoid printing and channeling, thus improving the printing quality.

A screen pattern printed on the picture or font is fixed on the machine, and the distance between it and the balloon mould is controlled by the switch to make it press down on the surface of the balloon.This font or picture is printed on the balloon. The roller line will run the balloon with the picture or font to a certain distance below the pulley and then automatically release the balloon. In this way, the paint on the balloon will be conveniently dry, neither stick nor dirty objects.

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