The rise in popularity of 3d-printed medical devices is common

- Apr 15, 2020-

  The emergence of customized medical devices is closely related to the actual clinical needs.After excision of some lesions, the wound surface shows a special shape and size, which cannot be matched by the medical instruments produced according to the standard specifications.Due to the lack of customized medical equipment, some special clinical treatment needs cannot be met.The application value of 3D printing in the field of medical device design and manufacturing has attracted extensive attention from the medical community.The following applications of 3D printed medical devices are especially worthy of attention. Let's learn about them together!

3D printed braces

  The emergence of cutting-edge technology in 3D printing has created more possibilities for personalized braces for people in need of orthodontics.In different orthodontic stages, orthodontists need different braces. 3D printing to make multiple braces for orthodontic teeth is not only conducive to the healthy development of teeth, but also can reduce the production cost of braces.


3D printed hearing AIDS

  Ear canal hearing aid is a kind of convenient and comfortable to wear and widely used hearing aid.3d-printed ear canal hearing AIDS are opening up new possibilities for hearing impaired people to hear beautiful sounds.Combining innovative materials with 3D printing technology, the ear canal hearing aid shell is "as thin as paper" with a thickness of 0.15-0.2mm.Compared with traditional hearing AIDS, 3d-printed ear canal hearing AIDS are smaller in size, more concealed, comfortable to wear, and not easy to fall off.

3D printed bone model

  Using the 3D printed bone tumor model, the surgeon can more clearly and intuitively observe the local anatomical structure of the tumor, the scope and boundary of the tumor, the adjacent relationship with the local nerve plexus and vascular bundle, and the three-dimensional relationship with the adjacent internal organs.Secondly, the 3D printed bone model can be used for surgical simulation to repeatedly demonstrate and confirm the best surgical plan.

3D printed surgical guide plate

  3D printing technology can be used to scan the image of the fracture site before surgery, reconstruct the fractured bone in the computer, and then print the bone model of the fracture, so as to conduct simulated surgery and select the best surgical plan.Through 3D printing, a personalized and precise guidance mold can be made, which can guide surgical instruments to perform surgery at pre-determined points and angles to avoid damage to important blood vessels and nerves around.

3D printed wrist rehabilitation brace

  3D printed wrist rehabilitation support for patients in need of orthopedic repair, arm muscle atrophy rehabilitation, hand rehabilitation exercises.Compared with ordinary wrist rehabilitation support products, 3D printed wrist rehabilitation support is customized, lightweight and convenient, and integrates diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation functions, with high customization, aesthetics, flexibility and comfort.Some of the 3d-printed wrist recovery braces on the market are lighter and more comfortable than traditional plaster casts, have less impact on daily life and can be worn in the shower.


  3D printing technology has covered food, health care, architecture, education and other fields.3D printing is of great value in the manufacture of tools, the protection of cultural relics and the dissemination of culture.3D printing is making efforts for the continuation of civilization and social progress in its own way.

  The global market for 3d-printed medical devices is expected to reach $8.9 billion by 2022, according to market research firm idc.From 2015 to 2020, the global market for 3d-printed medical devices will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25.3 percent, reaching $7.33 billion by 2020.Such huge market space, also attracted many investors to enter.The introduction of high-quality 3D printed medical devices will also bring rich market benefits and precious development opportunities for relevant enterprises.

  After the night, the dawn always makes people feel a sense of joy and excitement.Perhaps what people are seeing now is just a "glimmer" of the growing power of 3D printing.When 3D printing technology is fully mature, its light will illuminate more dark corners and let people in need feel more warmth and hope.