The production method of the new composite labor protection gloves

- May 31, 2019-

Technical field:

The utility model relates to a new labor protection glove, which is especially applicable to labor protection in construction, packaging, handling and other industries.

The labor protection gloves widely used in China are generally cotton thread woven gloves or thin canvas gloves, which have no external protection for workers when working, but for many industries, it is difficult to achieve the protection effect by only using the same kind of labor protection gloves.Because the existing labor protection gloves have a good fit, but there is no good solution for the wear resistance of gloves.So that the current labor protection gloves in the construction, handling, loading and unloading, packaging and other industries, especially when handling, packaging and other operations with both hands, can not well achieve its protective effect, because it has a short service life in the above fields, such as bricklayer bricklaying operation, with this kind of gloves life is only half a day.

One way to solve this problem was to apply glue on the front of the thin canvas gloves, but this method did not have a significant effect on the life of the gloves, because the glue applied to the shoes was not very good in terms of wear resistance.

In addition, in the post and telecommunications system, finger abrasion caused by manual sorting of letters is solved by using latex finger covers to protect the fingers.However, the finger sleeve is latex products, and its air permeability can not be well solved, so the handedness is very poor.

The purpose of the utility model is to provide an improved new composite labor protection glove, which can effectively solve the problems of abrasion resistance and handedness of the original labor protection glove.

The purpose of the utility model is to realize a machine-woven thread glove, a thin canvas glove and a thin cloth glove for daily use as the substrate, which are bonded with a moulded rubber sheet by front hot pressing.Because rubber has good wear resistance, the back of gloves is the original woven thread, thin canvas or cloth, so as to ensure good wear resistance and handiness.

Because the utility model is based on the original labor protection glove as the substrate, the method of hot-pressing bonding with the rubber die sheet is very simple, and fundamentally solves the wear-resisting problem of the original labor protection glove and the air permeability of the pure rubber finger cover.It improves the service life, and has a positive effect on saving labor insurance and improving labor protection.

1. A new type of labor protection gloves, which are made of woven thread gloves, thin canvas gloves and thin cloth gloves for daily use as the substrate, and are hot-pressed and bonded with moulded rubber sheets, is characterized by single-sided bonding between rubber sheets and original labor protection gloves.

2. According to the structure of claim 1, its feature is that the edge of the rubber die sheet is 5mm wider than that of the matrix after flattening.

3. According to the structure mentioned in claim 1 or 2, it is characterized by a v-shaped groove not larger than the thickness of the rubber die sheet.

Abstract: a new type of composite labor protection gloves with woven thread gloves and thin canvas gloves as the substrate and molded rubber sheets for hot pressing.Its function is to improve the wear resistance of the original labor protection gloves.