The production method of condom electrical inspection machine

- Jun 22, 2019-

Background technology:

Family planning is the basic national policy of our country, condom is main appliance, at the same time condom has the function that prevents AIDS, prevent venereal again.As the demand for condoms increases, so does the demand for their quality.Accordingly, undertake strict to each product detect indispensable, what detect place USES is condom electron inspection machine (abbreviation electricity examines a machine).At present in the domestic condom production industry, electrical inspection machine detection has two forms: one is dry electrical test, the other is wet electrical test.Disadvantages: the product needs to be fitted on the model manually, resulting in low automation of the equipment.The operation, while simple, is very mechanical and tedious.After working for a long time, the person is tired easily, can appear damage of condom, cover does not wait for a problem.What's more, China's labor costs are increasing day by day, and young people are no longer willing to do such jobs.Obviously, the above three kinds of electrical inspection machines have been unable to meet the requirements of low cost and high output.

Technical implementation elements:

The technical problem to be solved in the invention is to provide a chain transmission condom electrical inspection machine in order to overcome the inefficiency of transmission mode of electrical inspection machine in the existing technology.

The invention solves the above technical problems through the following technical solution:

A condom electric inspection machine, including work piece automatic feeding system, its characteristic is that the condom electric inspection machine also includes a drive sprocket, a driven sprocket and the driving chain wheel and the driven sprocket meshing of chain, the chain of the total number of section for the integer times the number of teeth on the driven sprocket, the chain of uniform set with multiple model, the work piece automatic feeding system consists of multiple automatic feeding mechanism, an automatic feeding mechanism is used to set a workpiece on a model, among them, the driven sprocket and meshing position for feeding zone of the chain, the feeding zone above each model corresponding to the automatic feeding mechanism,The workpiece automatic feeding system rotates synchronously with the driven sprocket so that the feeding area model always corresponds to the automatic feeding mechanism.

The positive progress effect of the invention lies in:

1. The condom electrical inspection machine of the invention USES the cooperation of sprocket wheel and chain to realize the uninterrupted transmission of the workpiece, and is assisted by the automatic feeding system of the workpiece, which can achieve a high production capacity without the need of additional alignment process.Specifically, as a result of multiple automatic feeding mechanism (such as condoms automatically set of institutions) fixed above the driven sprocket and and and driven sprocket synchronous rotation, together with the number of teeth on the driven sprocket can split, the chain of the total number of section with split into a number of integer times, while the model as the number of teeth on the equipartition interval, so that you can achieve the automatic feeding mechanism under set the workpiece on the model with the chain on the overlap model position, so as to ensure the automatic feeding mechanism and model in the process of feeding position always in sync,Thus, several rotating automatic feeding mechanisms can be used to continuously feed all the models in the chain (in the case of condom production, the operation of putting the condom on the rod), and the operation process is continuous and does not need to stop.The process of placing the rod is visually similar to the firing action of a revolver, rotating into place (model in place) and firing into place (rod in place).

2. The condom electrical inspection machine of the invention also includes a detector, assisted by a controller, a blanking system and a elimination system, which takes into account the advantages of the existing electrical inspection machine (dry test and wet test) and avoids the corresponding disadvantages perfectly.The original chain-disk combination method eliminates the detection sink, oven, a large number of metal models and metal model turnover mechanism, which has the advantages of dry chain method, compact disc structure and low number of models.Moreover, it can be automatically and continuously picked up and set on the model operation, completely eliminating the labor of long time.It not only improves the automation degree of equipment, saves energy, but also greatly reduces the operating cost, and truly realizes the goal of low cost and high output.

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