The magic of glove knitting machine

- Jan 18, 2018-

   As we all know actually, we knitted gloves by hand when there were no such machine.At that time no matter how fast the speed of weaving is,you only knitted a few pair of gloves, but we were not sure whether we made wrong in weaving. But now it is different , there is glove knitting machine and its working efficiency is hundreds of times more than manual work. Thanks to glove knitting machine, each of us can produce thousands of gloves every day and do not have to be tired to weave a few months or a few years, greatly saving labor.

    We can feel tired no matter how we don’t rest, but the machine is different, it will never feel tired. And we may make a small mistake occasionally when we knit by hand, but the machine is the perfect, it never make mistakes like us, so it can save time and reduce loss. 

    Most of us think artificial gloves are more exquisite than mechanical gloves, but with the improvement of machinery, now mechanically woven gloves styles are also very beautiful, so the glove knitting machine has completely can replace manual weaving, it has been completely comparable to artificial mechanical.