The invention relates to a production process method of PVC gloves

- Jun 04, 2019-

Background technology:

PVC gloves are mainly made of PVC, which are widely used in medical treatment, sanitation, electronics, labor insurance and other fields.

At present, the production line of PVC gloves in China is made of ceramic hand mould, which is slow to heat up and cool down, so the production line is long, with low production efficiency and high energy consumption.

Technical implementation elements:

Based on the technical problems of the technical background, the present invention proposes a PVC gloves production technology, through the adoption of fingerprint, the advantage of the characteristics of its rising fast cooling fast, reduce the baking temperature, shorten the baking and cooling line length, speed up the production line running speed, convenient management, and reduces the cost of investment, solve the existing process due to the glove fast curing time, fingerprint cooling speed slow, due to its craft production efficiency is low, the problem of high energy consumption.It also solves the problems of existing production process, inconvenient management and excessive cost input.

The invention provides the following technical solution: a production process of PVC gloves, including the following steps:

S1. Select a glove production line with hand mold;

S2. Glue the hand mould, and then drop the glued hand mould.

S3. Transfer the hand mold dipped with glue in S2 to the oven for baking. The temperature is controlled at 160-250 degrees and the baking time is 3-9 minutes.

S4. Transfer the hand mold of the matured gloves baked in S3 out of the oven for cooling, and successfully complete the procedures of dipping PU, baking PU, curling lip, demoulding and packaging. The whole cooling and demoulding process only takes 5-10 minutes.

The present invention provides a production process of PVC gloves, gloves by ceramic mold to replace metal energy-saving fingerprint, increase the speed of the fingerprint of heat absorption and heat release rate, reduce the baking time and cooling time, and energy saving metal mold temperature and cooling speed than the ceramic gloves mould doubled or so, the process of the baking temperature can reduce, baking time can be shorten, can reduce the cooling time, can shorten the length of the production line, production line speed can be accelerated, which reduces the processing difficulty, and in the process of technology to control the speed of heating and cooling,Making process and the use of more convenient operation, reasonable saves time, and avoid the heating and cooling time is too long, waste of time and energy by using metal energy-saving fingerprint, and improve the production efficiency, saving production time, reduced the investment, shorten the length of the line, to reduce the number of the fingerprint, convenient management of the production line, and the process of adjustment and control using more convenient.