The invention relates to a production method of a rubber glove drying device

- Jul 04, 2019-

Background technology:

The general production process is as follows: rubber gloves gloves model by acid and alkali cleaning, water cleaning, wash the model into hot water heating before concreting to immersion and drying for rubber, rubber after send preliminary drying oven, plus fiber inner sleeve, hot water and then sent to the oven curing, drying, molding, gloves after demoulding inflatable inspection, low temperature finalizing the shoes design, temperature in a dry, after washing, dehydration, drying and packing to send finished goods warehouse.In the production process, a large amount of dust will be produced in the drying process, causing pollution to the environment.

Technical implementation elements:

The utility model aims to provide a rubber glove drying device to solve one or more of the existing technical problems mentioned above.

The utility model provides a rubber gloves drying device, including drying oven and dust removal device, there are open on both ends of the dust removal device, open at the end of the oven and dust removal device interconnection, dust removal device is located at the connecting part is equipped with filter, dust removal device at the other end of the opening and the bottom of the oven by line connected, a fan on the pipeline.In the production process of rubber gloves, the rubber is dipped and then sent to the oven for drying. In this process, dust will be generated, and dust leakage will affect the environment and cause harm to employees.In this scheme, the rear-mounted fan can draw hot air from the oven to the dust removal device. When passing through the filter screen, large particles of dust will not be able to pass through the filter screen.At the same time, the hot air extracted from the dust removal device will be returned to the oven through the pipeline, so as to make full use of the waste heat of the hot air and save energy consumption.

In some ways, the oven includes guide rail, hand mould and connecting piece, among which guide rail is set on the upper part of the oven, hand mould is connected to guide rail through connecting piece, and the top part of the oven is provided with several heating elements.

In some embodiments, the heating element is a resistance wire.

In some implementations, dust removal device is equipped with the first support leg and a second support leg, the first support leg and dust removal device through the top of the first baffle are linked together, the first brace and the second support stands by the second baffle is linked together, the second support leg is connected with the bottom of the dust removal device through a third baffle, the support frame and a second supporting frame is equipped with a number of vent, the first support leg and a second supporting frame with activated carbon.

In some ways, the first brace and the second brace in plane and the ground level Settings, where the first baffle plane and the first support plane perpendicular to the plane of the setting, the second baffle in the plane and the first support leg perpendicular to the plane of the Settings, where the third baffle and the second support leg in the plane perpendicular to the plane of the Settings.

Large particles of dust will not through the screen, small particles of dust through the screen, enter the dust removal device, and the support frame and damper Settings, make the hot air can only through the vent through the brace, and small particles of dust can be adsorbed by activated carbon, in order to avoid leakage of dust, lead to environmental pollution, cause a harm to production staff.

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