The invention relates to a production method of a rubber glove stripper

- Jun 24, 2019-

Background technology:

Gloves stripping is one of the most important processes in the production of rubber gloves.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the invention: in order to overcome the deficiency in the existing technology, the utility model provides a rubber glove stripping device, which can realize the large-scale stripping of rubber gloves.

Technical scheme: in order to achieve the above purposes, a rubber glove demulsing equipment of the utility model includes a hand-mould transmission guide rail, a hand-mould base, a hand-mould hanging tube, a first transmission platform, a first demulsing drum set, a second demulsing drum set, a hand mould and a glove transmission transition table;

Fingerprint described two parallel transmission guide located above mentioned first transmission platform, transmission guide the guide described fingerprint direction set perpendicular to the direction of the first transfer of a transmission platform, described in the fingerprint transmission along the length direction on the guide rail uniform array holder set several stated, each described below the holder hanging hanging drum set is described fingerprint, hanging drum bottom described fingerprint set somewhat above the hand shape mould;Described the first stripping roller group and a second ejection cylinder coordinate setting between transmission guide rail and the first transmission platform in fingerprint, and the first stripping roller group and a second ejection cylinder roller axis transmission guide the guide direction parallel to the direction and fingerprint, wherein the first stripping roller group and the second ejection cylinder group respectively with two hand shape mold transfer guide rail described fingerprint corresponding Settings;The first stripping drum group or the second stripping drum group can successively separate the rubber gloves worn on the corresponding hand mold.

Beneficial effect: the utility model has a clever and simple structure, and adopts a drum type stripper structure to ensure that the stripper process does not miss or damage;Adopted is transmitted with the pile of gloves transition to slip during transportation gloves to prevent vibration, especially the transmitted gloves transition between the first transmission platform and the platform transition effectively prevent the falling of gloves, which also added station fan etc humanization device, improved operator comfort.