The invention relates to a production method of a control system for safety package installation

- Jun 22, 2019-

Background technology:

With the rapid development of modern technology and production, the market has put forward higher and higher requirements for packaging technology.Traditional packaging outside part adopts personnel processing way, efficiency is not high, waste of labor and other shortcomings, in order to avoid these disadvantages, insist on packaging industry automation control, packaging equipment and electric control system must have high reliability and flexibility, and PLC (programmable logic controller) technology is in accordance with the requirements.PLC has many functions, such as switch quantity control, analog quantity control, mathematical operation, numerical processing, network communication, PID regulation.Through a multi-task control kernel, PLC provides a rich instruction set, rapid and accurate scanning cycle, with reliable operation and can connect to a variety of I/O systems and network open structure.In order to realize the automatic transmission of products and the pre-sealing heat treatment of products, the safety package installation control system combined with PLC technology adopts the transmission control system and PID temperature control design.In order to realize the design of product packet and empty packet exclusion, fiber count and proximity switch control are adopted.In order to realize various functions such as push out and film supply, pneumatic control system is designed.In order to realize the control and maintenance of the packaging machine, the man-machine interface is designed.The controller of the packaging machine adopts the cp1e-n60dt-a of omron minicomputer, which fully meets the industrial requirements and saves the cost to the maximum.

Technical implementation elements:

The invention proposes a safety package mounting control system, involving pneumatic control system, human-machine interaction interface design, PID temperature control and so on, thus realizing the automatic operation of the packaging machine system. Through human-machine interaction interface, the operator can monitor and maintain the operation of the machine.

The technical scheme adopted by the invention is.

Packaging machine based on omron PLC control system, through the control of multiple input signal to control the normal operation of the machine, and use a variety of switch (such as photoelectric switches, liquid level switch, stop switch, etc.) to real-time feedback of the process, feedback information can be displayed on the interface of operation, if there are any abnormalities, will send out alarm signal.In the control system, various other information and working status of the system can also be displayed in the monitoring interface, so as to facilitate staff to monitor and maintain the system.Under the control of PLC, the packaging machine system realizes the functions of automatic transfer of objects, automatic injection of silicon oil, automatic packaging, automatic collection of finished products and elimination of empty bags, which not only simplifies the system, improves the reliability and flexibility of the equipment, but also improves the production efficiency, with strong practicability.

The beneficial effect of the invention is that the control system adopts omron PLC, which not only has high reliability, low cost, simple and convenient operation, but also improves production efficiency, ADAPTS to the needs of large-scale production, and has good economic and social benefits.

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