The invention relates to a production method of automatic glove packing machine

- Jun 12, 2019-

Background technology:

Automatic glove packaging machine packaging industry supporting industry, in the light industry occupies an important position.Over the years, packaging machinery has provided an important technical guarantee for packaging industry and played an important role in the development of packaging industry.As an object, the accuracy requirement of the packaging more and more high, the shape of the object and packaging structure is various, simple mechanical packaging already cannot satisfy the requirement of people, coupled with the limited categories of packaging machine, packaging machine structure complex, yes packing machine is becoming more and more complicated to operate, is likely to appear the phenomenon of improper operation, cause serious economic losses

Technical implementation elements:

In view of the above problems, the utility model provides an automatic glove packing machine, use of packaging film device makes objects in sliding, rolling working face can be a very good to reduce the influence of frictional resistance, mobile devices used in turn guide rod drive object, make the operation more simple, the mechanical structure is easy to implement, can effectively solve the problem of technical background.

To achieve the above purpose, the utility model provides the following technical scheme: a glove packing machine automation, including packaging film, cutting hob and forming device, as described in the outer surface of the roll of film packaging sterilization devices are installed fixed rolling working face and the object, in the packaging volume of the membrane wall still have active wheel fixed installation, described the packaging film and also install a vent meter between objects rolling working face, set on the surface of the object rolling work guide rod, and rolling objects on one side of the working face in fixed installation for paper machine, the entrance of the feeding motor are fixed by a shaft connection for paper stick and press roller;

Cutting hob described by installing in the medial rotation piece of fixed connection with gap, gap and rolling face board through the object and set the object rolling face conveyor chain fixed connection, from the lower pole of the upper end of molding machine Settings are described in the cylinder, and slide into the cylinder connected to the transmission chain, forming the two sides also set some longitudinal sealing roller.

Compared with the existing technology, the utility model is beneficial effects: gloves packaging machine automation, by setting the volume membrane device, drive objects rolling working face under the drive of guide rod rotation, make store cutting hob blade can automatically open, make the object move more convenient, set the guide rod, make objects rolling face sliding, slide down to drive object, and cooperate with the conveyor chain, not only make the transport chain is more convenient to drive into the cylinder, and the vertical seal pulley more convenient place, make into the cylinder objects take put more convenient.

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