The invention relates to a production method of disposable plastic glove production device

- Jun 06, 2019-

Background technology:

Disposable gloves are made of rubber sheet or film type of gloves, in the medical industry, laboratory, food processing industry, etc to the hygienic requirements higher industry, in order to avoid cross infection, need often change gloves, while using disposable gloves greatly lowers the replacement cost, so the disposable gloves has broad market prospects.

But most of the traditional disposable gloves production equipment without disinfection device, has brought people in the use of safe hidden trouble, the use of some special occasions, also need to additional disinfection of disposable gloves, this not only reduces the production efficiency and increase the production cost, and the traditional disposable plastic production equipment structure complex, often need to occupy a large area and difficult maintenance, already cannot satisfy the existing market demand.

Technical implementation elements:

The utility model aims to provide a disposable plastic glove production device to solve the problems mentioned in the background technology, and has the following beneficial effects:The ultraviolet sterilizing device is installed, and two rows of ultraviolet lamps are installed inside the ultraviolet sterilizing device, which can fully sterilize materials, and glove template is set, which can be directly shaped, without secondary processing, convenient and practical.

To achieve the above purposes, the utility model provides the following technical scheme:A disposable plastic gloves production equipment, including gloves template, ultraviolet radiation sterilization device, feeding roller, motor and finished goods placed the ark cupboard door, glove template described by crankshaft fixed connection, between driving wheel and the lower template Settings and gloves strong springs, referred to the right side of the glove template smoothing equipment installation, and smoothing equipment installed on the workbench, smoothing equipment described the internal installation has a smooth round and axis of rotation, round and smooth and connection for rotation axis of rotation, as described in the interior of the ultraviolet sterilization device equipped with uv light, and ultraviolet radiation sterilization device installed on both sides of the mask, as described in the motor installed on the driving wheel,And through belt rotating connection between driving wheel and driven wheel, driven wheel and the leftover material described by belt rotary connections between winding roller, and leftover material winding through base connection between roller and workbench, described in the finished product put ark cupboard door through hinge rotation connection between the body, and are installed on finished product placed the ark cupboard door handle, described the feeding roller and through supporting frame fixed connection between the body, and the feeding roller is set on the right side of the body.

Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the following beneficial effects:Ultraviolet sterilization device are installed on the device, and the ultraviolet sterilization device internal installation with two rows of ultraviolet lamp, can be fully sterilization of raw material, at the same time in the ultraviolet sterilization device is installed on both sides of the screen, can prevent the light harm to operator, set gloves template, drive the template with the crankshaft movement up and down, plastic gloves can direct forming, no additional processing reduces the labor intensity and increase the work efficiency, on the lower end of the glove template installation has strong springs can prevent the glove template and workbench collision damage to equipment, reduce the production cost of the equipment, simplify the structure of a device, a smoothing equipment installation,Can ensure the quality of production gloves, this product structure is simple, reasonable design, easy maintenance.

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