The invention relates to a production method of a rotary device for a five-sided balloon printing machine

- Jun 06, 2019-

Background technology:

The balloon printing industry is common in the world, and both at home and abroad have a lot of enterprises engaged in the balloon printing production, balloon printing is a specialized in all kinds of latex or rubber balloon printing LOGO LOGO and pictures, for each big enterprise companies with the role of propaganda and apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of mechanical equipment, mechanical types including semi-automatic type, automatic type balloon printing machines.

In balloon printing, it is necessary to print on each surface of the balloon, and a rotating device is needed to rotate the balloon. However, traditional printing machines need to rotate manually, which wastes a lot of manpower, and the accuracy of manual rotation is not high.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the utility model is to solve the shortcomings existing in the prior art and to present a rotary device for five-sided balloon printing machine.

In order to achieve the above purposes, the utility model adopts the following technical scheme:

A rotating device for five balloons printers, including locking block, as described in the bottom side of the locking block fixed connection plate, as described in the bottom of the plate fixed connection has a fixed link, described the locking block at the top of the fixed connection with rotating column horizontal adjustment, described on one side of the rotating column transverse adjusting internal turn the adjusting screw connection, described at the end of the adjusting screw through the screw connection with a handwheel, described in the adjustment screw in the middle of the sliding connection with adjustment lateral block, referred to adjust the horizontal piece welded at the top of the rotating column vertical adjustment, described rotating column vertical adjustment on one side of the sliding connection has a fixed base,Described fixed on one side of the base through the screw connection with cylinder, described on one side of the rotating cylinder connected with the axis of rotation, described the axis of rotation at one end of the rotary cylinder block are fixed connection, described on one side of the rotating cylinder block through a fixed upper bolted connections, described by fixed upper plate and the rotating cylinder block cracks on a screw connection with rotating cylinder, described a fixed upper side of the connecting shaft rotational connection with chuck, chuck stated connecting shaft fixed connection with suction cups in the middle of the connection piece.

The utility model, the structure design is clever, by setting a rotating cylinder, improve the rotary accuracy, by setting the suction cups, to facilitate the adsorption on the balloon, the balloon by setting the adjusting screw, convenient to adjust stretching length, convenient and printing of all kinds of balloons, by setting the handwheel, convenient for the user adjust the adjustment screw, by setting the sticky connection piece, convenient change different sizes of sucker, the utility model simple production technology, low cost, suitable for wide promotion.

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