The invention relates to a production method of automatic rubber leveling mechanism for labor protection gloves

- May 31, 2019-

Background technology:

Latex gloves are a kind of gloves, it is different from the general gloves, from the processing of latex.Can be used as home, industry, medical, beauty and other industries, is the necessary hand protection products.Existing technology in latex Labour protection glove with rubber technology for production, usually need to be well after rubber glue, to ensure that the gloves on the surface of latex uniform distribution, so as to not affect the beautiful gloves and fastness in structure, and the uniform glue process in the existing technology is usually the last step of semi-finished products directly hanging on the shelf to rotate in the VAT and glue, in this way human cost more, and can lead to the consistency of the product is poorer, and the production efficiency is low.

Technical implementation elements:

In view of the defects and deficiencies of the existing technology, the utility model aims to provide an automatic glue leveling mechanism for the production of labor protection gloves with labor-saving, high production efficiency and good product consistency.

To achieve the above purposes, the technical scheme adopted by the utility model is as follows:A Labour protection glove production with fully automatic and glue, including frame, improve transport agencies and institutions and fingerprint, referred to improve transport agencies and institutions and fingerprint respectively connected to the frame fixed, transportation agencies in ascension well described in the fingerprint device, fingerprint transportation agencies including suspension conveyor track, fingerprint device, fingerprint, fingerprint institutions under the limit stop lever and fingerprint, suspension and described fingerprint conveyor rail link, described in the fingerprint in fingerprint fixed connection with the bottom of the suspension, then described fingerprint limit stop lever and fingerprint institutions located in hand print on both sides of the suspension,The hand-mould down-turning mechanism is attached to the hand-mould suspension device, and the rotary setting is between the hand-mould and the hand-mould suspension device.

After adopting the above structure, the beneficial effect of the utility model is:

Through the adoption of this practical new type of fingerprint automatic flip conveying mechanism of the fingerprint, after the shipping to flip and limit of fingerprint, and cooperate to lift and plastic bucket trough, which can realize automatic glue, mix glue after through automatic flip agencies and flip to above and convenient transportation can be fingerprint, realized the uniform glue process automation, semi-finished products of gloves can be directly from the previous process of conveying line directly through fingerprint institutions to dip the top of the plastic bucket, save manpower material resources, and adopt mechanical control, high control accuracy, to ensure the consistency of product, and makes the product percent of pass is high.