The invention relates to a production method of rubber waterproof gloves for labor protection products

- May 31, 2019-

Background technology:

Gloves at first as a tool of labor and being created, but with the evolution of the time, mainly used as warm in the cold, but the existing rubber gloves waterproof effect is not warm enough, especially in the winter cold season, is not easy to use, the existing rubber gloves bound structure is inadequate, rubber gloves when use extremely easy to fall off, affect the use of rubber gloves comfort, so there is an urgent need for a kind of labor insurance supplies waterproof rubber gloves to solve the above problems.

Technical implementation elements:

In view of the shortcomings of the existing technology, the utility model aims to provide a rubber waterproof glove for labor protection products to solve the problems raised in the above background technology. The utility model has reasonable structure, waterproof and warm, strong fastening and high reliability.

In order to achieve the above purposes, the utility model is realized through the following technical scheme:A rubber waterproof gloves, labor insurance supplies main body including gloves, waterproof thermal mechanism, bound, and into the hand, described the waterproof heat preservation institutions set up inside the glove body, bound organization setup described gloves in the main body of the side, front end face of the subject of described gloves in hand, described the waterproof heat preservation institutions including wear-resistant coating, insulation, plastic layer and fiber, wear-resisting coating set inside the glove body, described described wear-resisting coating coated with thermal insulation layer, described in the thermal insulation layer coated with plastic layer, described in the plastic layer coated with fiber, fiber layer described set inside the glove body,The binding mechanism includes sheath, drawstring, locking ring, through-hole 1 and through-hole 2. The sheath is installed inside the glove body with drawstring, the lock ring is fixed on the right end face of the glove body, the through-hole 1 is arranged on the upper side of the right end face of the glove body, and the through-hole 2 is arranged on the lower side of the through-hole.

Beneficial effects of this utility model: the utility model of a rubber waterproof gloves, labor insurance supplies because of the utility model adds wear-resisting coating, insulation, plastic and fiber layer, the design to increase the effect of waterproof rubber gloves, can also convenient rubber gloves in winter cold weather, solved the original rubber gloves poor waterproof insulation problem, improve the use of the utility model comfort.

Because the utility model adds a sheath, drawstring, locking ring, through-hole 1 and through-hole 2, the design can prevent the glove from slipping and falling off when taking the material, solve the problem of insufficient binding structure of the original rubber glove, and improve the convenience of use of the utility model.

Waterproof moisture permeable films, such as for wear resistant coating, and its main material is made of polyurethane, which increased the design glove body wear resistance, because for thermal insulation layer made from cotton material, main body heat preservation performance, the design improves the gloves for lock ring arc rubber sleeve, the design convenient draw string fixed, the utility model structure is reasonable, the waterproof heat preservation, strong tightness, high reliability.