The invention relates to a production method of dipping rubber machine for automatic labor protection gloves processing

- May 31, 2019-

Background technology:

The rubber dipping machine belongs to the secondary processing equipment of the rubber film paper production industry. The equipment is applicable to the wood-based board industry, such as laminate paper, balance paper and wear-resistant paper for laminate flooring, decorative paper for furniture, fireproof board paper and core paper.Existing Labour protection glove machine with rubberized when use has certain drawbacks, automation degree is not high, can not be real-time tracking for machining, and use the image displayed, adhesive solution easily lower precipitation, affect the rubberized effect, natural drying efficiency is low, has brought some adverse effect in the process of operation, to this end, we put forward a kind of automatic Labour protection glove machine with rubber.

Technical implementation elements:

The main purpose of the invention is to provide a rubber dipping machine for automatic labor protection gloves processing, which can effectively solve the problems in the background technology.

To achieve the above purposes, the technical scheme adopted by the invention is as follows:

A fully automatic Labour protection glove machine with rubber, including base and drying box, as described in the base of the upper lateral equipped with conveyor and rubber machine main body, described in the conveyor and rubber machine main body fixed connection, described in the transportation of the upper surface activity equipped with conveyor belt, rubber machine described main body surface near the top of the conveyor is equipped with one end of the injection port, rubberized described the surface on one side of the machine body is equipped with the access door and the operation panel, as described above operation panel installed on the access door fixed inclined, described in the operation panel at one end of the outer surface fixed installation has a liquid crystal display, and the operation panel with internal video acquisition module,Described video acquisition module on one side of the internal activity near the rubber machine main body equipped with automatic rotating monitor, automatic rotating monitor described with internal infrared high-speed track ball, rubber machine with the top of the main body described to install ventilation window outside surface activity, as described in the lower end of the rubber machine main body inner surface near the bottom of the conveyor belt, the fixed installation has soak glue tank, soak glue tank equipped with internal activities described paddle mixer, described soak glue machine main body internal close to soak glue tank is equipped with lifting lever, above mentioned in the lower end of the lifting rod lateral activities with hanging baskets, described soak glue machine main body within the upper surface of the fixed installation of motor,A driving wheel group is arranged between the lifting rod and the motor, and the drying box is fixed and installed on the outer surface of the upper end of the main body of the rubber dipping machine close to the conveyor belt.

Compared with prior art, the invention has the following beneficial effects:The automatic Labour protection glove machine with rubber, by setting the liquid crystal display and automatic rotating monitor, can real-time tracking the position of the gloves, and displayed on the LCD screen, make staff master processing, avoid accident, by setting the blade blender, make glue fluid mixing, is not prone to precipitation, improve the rubberized effect of gloves, by setting the drying box, compared with the natural air, faster, improve production efficiency, at the same time through hot air drying, adhesive on the surface of the gloves even firmer, the whole device is simple, easy to operate, using better effects compared with traditional way.

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