The invention relates to a production method of a multifaceted balloon printing production line

- Apr 24, 2019-

Background technology:

The existing balloon printing line mainly includes a frame, a clamping device mounted on the frame and a printing device.During printing, the operator clamps the inflated balloon on the clamping device, which prints patterns on the surface of the inflated balloon.If you want to print patterns on more than one face of the balloon, after printing patterns on one face of the balloon, you need to manually rotate the balloon, and then print after the balloon is fixed, which is very inefficient.In addition, during the printing process of the balloon, it is difficult to fix the inflated balloon, and it is easy to pop out if it is too tight. If it is too loose, it will not be able to fix the balloon. Moreover, the inflatable balloon will wiggle during the printing process, resulting in unclear printing pattern and printing and displacement phenomenon.

The invention content

In view of this, the present invention aims to provide a multifaceted balloon printing production line which can improve both printing quality and efficiency.In order to achieve the above purpose, the invention of the solution is: - a multifaceted balloon printing production line, including frame, installed on the frame of the conveyer, as well as the corresponding conveyer set of two or more than two sets of printing equipment, also including the balloon discharging device, the balloon positioning sleeve, turn set of device, blower, and the control described conveyer, described blowing device, described in turn set of device and printing devices work of numerical control system;A plurality of balloon clip unloading devices and balloon locating sleeve are installed on the conveying device, and the balloon clip unloading device and the balloon locating sleeve are set correspondingly.The air blowing device and the printing device in turn correspond to the balloon clip unloading device, and the air blowing device corresponds to the balloon's air nozzle in the balloon clip unloading device to make the balloon bulge;The printing surface of each ballooned balloon is exposed from the balloon positioning sleeve respectively, and the printing device is corresponded to by a sleeving device.The balloon locating sleeve respectively comprises a ring and a support frame, and the ring is mounted on the conveying device through a support frame. The printing device on the conveying device is provided with a balloon support at the bottom of the inflating balloon inside the ring.The balloon clamping device comprises a splint and a pipe pushing against each other, and the splint is provided with an opening connected with the pipe pushing;The splint corresponds to the ring setting, and the splint is movable and installed on the conveying device by means of a spring that can be close to and far from the pipe jacking.Described set of device including a fixed plate, the gear, the shifter lever and the torsional spring, fixed plate installed in conveying device, gear to rotate through the fixed plate installed on the fixed plate, gear at one end of a balloon positioning set of installation, the other end of the gear installed three or more than three pole, the shifter lever interval setting in the circumference of the gear surface and extending outward;The conveying device is provided with three or more baffle blocks, which are adapted to the lever;The torsion spring is mounted on a fixed plate, and one end of the torsion spring is pushed against the teeth of the gear to restrict the rotation of the gear.The sleeving device comprises a rotary motor, an encoder, a rotary gear and a ring chain;The encoder is installed at the control end of the rotary motor, and the rotary shaft drive of the rotary motor is connected with the rotary gear, which is connected with the ring chain.The air blowing device comprises an air nozzle moving cylinder, an air filling plug and an air filling pump, and the air filling plug has an air inlet and an air outlet;An inflating plug is installed at the end of the piston rod of the air nozzle moving cylinder, and the air outlet of the inflating pump is connected to the air inlet of the inflating plug through the inflating pipe, and the air outlet of the inflating plug corresponds to the air inlet of the jacking pipe.The utility model relates to a multi-surface balloon printing production line, which also comprises a balloon pushing device, which comprises a pushing sleeve and a pushing cylinder.The top sleeve is correspondingly arranged below the printing device. The piston rod of the top rotating cylinder is vertically arranged, and the end of the piston rod is connected with the top sleeve.The numerical control system comprises a man-machine interface, a PLC controller and a scraper inductor;The scraper inductor is plurality, and the detecting ends of the plurality of scraper inductors are respectively arranged corresponding to the printing device;The output end of the man-machine interface is bidirectionally connected to the corresponding end of the PLC controller, and the output end of each scraper inductor is respectively connected to the corresponding input end of the PLC controller.The corresponding output ends of the PLC controller correspond to the control ends of the conveying device, balloon clamping device, air blowing device, printing device, rotating sleeve device and balloon top rotating device respectively.After adopting the above structure, the invention of a polyhedral balloon printing production line has the following beneficial effects: the balloon gas mouth clamp in the balloon clip discharge device, blowing device through the balloon gas mouth to blow the balloon inside the balloon drum, drum up balloon being limited by the balloon positioning sets not casual shaking and twisting, printing device on the appearance of bulging balloon printing patterns.The inflating balloon in the balloon positioning sleeve is rotated by a slewing device, so that another surface to be printed of the balloon is oriented toward another printing device, and the printing device prints patterns on the surface to be printed;Thus, multiple patterns can be printed on multiple surfaces of an inflatable balloon in a circle.After drying, the printing process is completed by removing the balloon from the balloon clip unloader.The printing process of balloon is connected into a production line by conveying device, which can greatly improve the printing efficiency.In addition, the balloon can be positioned through the balloon positioning sleeve, so that the inflatable balloon will not twist during printing, and the pattern is clear to avoid printing and channeling, thus improving the printing quality.As the production line is equipped with two or more printing devices, each printing device is set with the same color, the same pattern, different color or different pattern, so that the same or different pattern or multi-color pattern can be printed on the surface of the balloon.