The invention relates to a preparation method of disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves

- Jun 21, 2019-

Background technology:

Medical gloves are an indispensable item for doctors.Examination and examination needs of the patient;Gynecologists and nurses are needed.At present, there are many kinds of medical gloves, including disposable, sterilized and reusable, and materials: nitrile rubber gloves, natural rubber gloves, vinyl gloves.

In surgery or clinical practice, surgery is performed with a scalpel and other instruments.Most surgical instruments are so sharp that they can cut through thin rubber gloves and injure the doctor's hand, potentially exposing him or her to infections and even life-threatening infections.A cut medical surgical gloves, ontology, including rubber gloves latex glove body including at least two layers of rubber layer, described in two layers of rubber layer set between fiber protective layer, described fiber protective layer distribution in the rubber gloves ontology section in the five fingers of the finger and far section annular fiber protection layer is formed after finger, finger joints between annular fiber protection layer is assigned, surgical procedure is of high precision operation on the human body, need comprehensive vision, hearing, and touch the actual operation, the protective layer and double layers of rubber and fiber greatly increased the thickness of the gloves, which affect the sensitivity of hand touch,It is easy to affect the accuracy and safety of the actual operation process.

Technical implementation elements:

Aiming at the shortcomings of the existing technology, the utility model aims to provide a disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves, the rubber surgical gloves by setting the first protective layer fiber, avoid surgery surgical instruments in the process of killing the hands at the same time keep the hand touch sensitivity, thus the precision of the operation and safety.

To achieve the above purpose, the utility model provides the following technical scheme: a disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves, including an arms, hands and fingers, fingers described area close to the first protective layer fiber, described in the first fiber protection layer is ring distributed in the section of section near phalanx finger and finger, the first protective layer fiber end section extends far phalanx and section of finger joints, the other end extends to the palm of your hand.

By adopting the above technical scheme, the first protective layer fiber ring set have the effect of protection finger in the process of operation, at the same time only extend to the end of the first protective layer fiber section far phalanx and section of finger joints, making far section of the fingers of corresponding fingers finger segments remain single rubber, and then keep the fingertip tactile sensitivity in the operation process, to ensure that the operation precision and at the same time to the best level of security and protect the medical staff.

In conclusion, the utility model has the following beneficial effects:

Firstly, the rubber surgical gloves are equipped with the first and second fiber protective layer, which has a high comfort and can effectively avoid the phenomenon of adhesion between the inside of the rubber gloves and the skin of the hand surface.

Second, the rubber surgical gloves have higher flexibility and better safety protection, which is conducive to ensure work safety and accuracy.

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