The invention relates to a preparation method of a soaking washing device for rubber soaked gloves

- Jun 09, 2019-

Background technology:

During the production and processing of rubber gloves, it is necessary to clean the rubber gloves. However, the traditional cleaning method is to immerse the rubber gloves in the cleaning sink without stirring, so it is difficult to clean the rubber and other sundries on the surface of rubber gloves.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a soaking washing device for rubber dipped gloves and to solve one or more of the existing technical problems mentioned above.

, according to one aspect of the utility model provides a rubber gloves bubble washing device, including clear water tank and all throughout the qing tank installation department, more than at the top of the gloves gloves installation department including rotating pole, drive motor and multiple gloves installation pole, gloves installation rod is used to set a rubber gloves, driving motor driven rotating screw rotation, rotating rod across in clear water tank top, rotating rod lateral uniform have multiple installation groove, groove installation installation rod set up one-to-one correspondence for gloves, gloves installation rod end hinged on installed at the bottom of the tank, installed gloves both sides of the rod back and both sides of the groove corresponding to the lining all through spring connection;The vibration bar and a vibration motor arranged on the vibration bar are also included. The vibration bar is fixedly connected with each glove mounting bar.

The utility model immerses the rubber dipped gloves in the clean water tank, and USES the vibration motor to provide the vibration effect to the glove mounting rod. The springs on both sides of the vibration rod play a role in enhancing the vibration effect, making the rubber dipped gloves shake up and down in the clean water and improving the cleaning effect of the rubber dipped gloves.

In some embodiments, the glove mounting rod includes the first rod body and the second rod body. One end of the first rod body is connected to the rotating rod and the other end is connected to one end of the second rod body. There is an obtuse Angle between the first rod body and the second rod body.As a result, the soaked gloves can be completely immersed in clean water.