The invention relates to a polyvinyl chloride/nitrile composite rubber glove, a preparation method and a process

- May 08, 2019-

Background technology:

Rubber gloves are widely used in hospitals, families, electronic industry, food industry, horticulture planting and other social fields, mainly play a role in isolating pollution and protecting hands.Traditional rubber gloves are divided into several types according to the raw materials used, such as latex gloves, with natural latex as the main raw material.Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic latex polymerized by emulsion of butadiene and acrylonitrile.Styrene-butadiene gloves are made from synthetic latex polymerized from butadiene and styrene emulsion.

Puncture resistance of NBR with both high, high tear resistance, comfort and dexterity, and good chemical resistance, so the gloves nitrile rubber surface treatment is widely used in automation, aviation, printing, chemical, oil, electric wire and cable, and other fields, but high temperature resistant performance of nitrile rubber co., LTD., generally can reach 120 ℃, and met such as oxygen oxygen aging and prone to cracking, and the poor corrosion resistance, resistance to acid, alkali, etc., therefore, to improve the nitrile rubber gloves is becoming a hot spot of research and development, a kind of disposable gloves NBR/PU composite, outside the nitrile rubber (NBR) membrane attached a modified polyurethane (PU) a layer of thin film, due to the polyurethane (PU) film of good air permeability function, improve the whole air permeability of the gloves, decrease the wear process of sweat, both to protect the skin, and improve the wearing comfort.The utility model relates to a fluorine rubber/nitrile butadiene rubber composite glove, which integrates the advantages of nitrile butadiene rubber and fluorine rubber by coating a fluorine rubber layer on the surface of a nitrile latex layer, and has the advantages of chemical resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance and corrosion resistance and low cost.

Although the properties of the above composite rubber gloves have been improved to a large extent, their comprehensive properties, such as strength, flame retardancy, chemical stability, service life and wear resistance, still need to be improved. Therefore, it is of great market value to develop rubber gloves with excellent comprehensive properties.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the invention is to solve the deficiency of existing technology, provide a polyvinyl chloride/nitrile composite rubber glove with excellent comprehensive performance and a preparation method thereof.

To solve the above problems, the technical scheme of the invention is as follows:

A polyvinyl chloride (PVC)/nitrile rubber gloves, including fiber lining gloves, gloves in fiber lining surface coated with nitrile latex foam, PVC paste in nitrile latex coating on the surface layer, described nitrile latex layer coating on the fiber in the form of leaching pulp glove lining surface, PVC paste layer described with the method of spray coating in nitrile latex layer surface;

The technical effect of the invention is:

(1) the main invention idea of the invention is to use nitrile latex layer and polyvinyl chloride size layer double layer composite layer to improve the monolayer size layer to prepare rubber gloves;The composite rubber gloves are characterized by good softness, low tensile stress and good tensile strength, and have excellent chemical stability, flame retardant and mechanical properties.Compared with the single nitrile rubber gloves or polyvinyl chloride gloves, the comprehensive performance is greatly improved.

(2) by adding carboxymethyl cellulose to nitrile latex, the invention increases the thickness of nitrile rubber layer to a certain extent and improves the tensile strength and wear resistance of gloves;

(3) the preparation process of the invention is simple and has a very broad prospect.

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