The invention relates to a nitrile rubber surgical gloves and a preparation method thereof

- May 16, 2019-

Abstract: the invention discloses a nitrile rubber surgical gloves and a preparation method thereof. The invention relates to a preparation method of nitrile rubber surgical gloves, which is convenient to operate.The improved formula and process are adopted to greatly improve the tensile properties and elasticity of the nitrile rubber gloves produced by this method.Moreover, the gloves are very fatigue resistant, and they will not be damaged if used for more than 4 hours after wearing.To achieve the effect of natural rubber gloves.

Sovereign items:

A nitrile butadiene rubber surgical gloves is characterized in that the preparation method is as follows: prepare the impregnated nitrile rubber latex by fully mixing the nitrile rubber, colloidal sulfur, zinc oxide, accelerator ZDBC, accelerator ZMBT, emulsified liquid paraffin and adjusting the solid content to 25%‑35%;After the mold is dried, soak the coagulant first, and the coagulant shall be 8%‑15% calcium nitrate or calcium chloride solution;Then dry the mold;Then the mold is impregnated with the prepared butadiene nitrile rubber latex;After another 120‑140 degrees Celsius, 20‑40 minutes of high temperature drying;Finally, cool down and remove the gloves from the mold to get the finished product.

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