The invention relates to a method for making a gluing system of weaving machine

- Jun 12, 2019-

Background technology:

Knitting machine applicable raw materials: polyamide fiber (thread), polypropylene filament (thread), polypropylene fiber, polyester, nylon, PP, low elastic, high elastic, cotton yarn (thread), pearlescent thread, leather, mixing, etc.High-speed travelling braiding machine has a complete set of n-color automatic conversion device, and is driven by a computer controlled motor to automatically switch between each feeding nozzle, making the weaving of multi-color patterns simple and easy.With its high performance, it is easy to finish high quality pattern knitting, which can only be done on large computer knitting machines.Knitting machine can be divided into sweater knitting machine, glove knitting machine, wire knitting machine, wire mesh weaving machine, straw rope weaving machine, elastic knitting machine, plastic bag weaving machine and so on.Weaving machines are mainly used in shipbuilding manufacturers, ocean transport, national defense, offshore oil, port operations, automobile, aviation and train, furniture, shoes, clothing, belts, wrist bands, accessories and other broad fields.Its products have the advantages of reasonable braiding structure, scientific technology, high strength, low elongation, wear resistance and loss resistance, and easy operation.Especially suitable for making large-scale ropes.Due to a large number of glass fiber yarns crossed and overlapped in weaving process of braiding machine, it is difficult for saturated resin glue solution to fully penetrate. Traditional glue dipping system is simple, poor penetration performance, low production efficiency, and product quality is not guaranteed.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the invention is to provide a gluing system for weaving machines to solve the problems mentioned in the background technology.

To achieve the above purposes, the invention provides the following technical scheme:

The invention relates to a gluing system of braiding machine, including a first weaving machine, a second weaving machine and a gluing area;First the inside of the knitting machine and the second braiding machine are described through a push rod for push weaving, push rod through the rubber area, densified area including for the first braid on leaching under the level of the rubberized densified area, to draw the thread winding layer rubber secondary soak glue area and for use on the knitting products fully saturated soak glue level 3 soak glue area, level of densified area is set between the first knitting machine and the second braiding machine, secondary densified area set up in the second on the left side of the knitting machine, three densified area set up on the right side of the second braiding machine.

Compared with the prior art, the invention has the following beneficial effects: the invention dips the glue in an all-round way and improves the production efficiency and product quality.Three stages according to the production process of braid quick soak glue of all, on the first stage to drench the first braid to soak glue spraying method, the second stage to draw winding layer to take the rubber thread, each root pulling of winding yarn in the glue solution, the third stage is the whole saturated resin woven products, so as to make the product completely soaked.The system is scientific and reasonable, which can make saturated resin liquid quickly and completely permeate in all directions, and improve production efficiency and product quality.

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