The invention relates to a manufacturing method for the head transmission device of a glove machine

- Jul 08, 2019-

Background technology:

All glove machine at home and abroad at present stage, whether shimadzu glove machine automatic computer, or south Korean dongsheng company glove machine, high-speed computer including zhejiang hazen textile machinery technology co., LTD. 2016 glove machine linkage system of the nose, the nose drive is to use the following structure: the machine on the right side of the set a brace, brace and robot in the wallboard fixed a sliding between the long axis, sliding long axis above activities set a slide rack, with two slender shaft connects the before and after the carriage with the nose.The sliding frame is driven by mechanical parts or synchronous belt which is directly controlled by servomotor to make reciprocating movement on the sliding shaft, which further makes the head reciprocating movement on the needle plate of the machine, so as to reach the weaving purpose.The nose gear not only make the machine structure is complex, assembly, generally increase the machine cost, more important is due to the length of the long axis of the sliding must satisfy the needs of the nose range, therefore, on the right side of the racks and the distance between the herringbone wallboard and machine main body basic close to the original length, greatly increase the space of the machine, the serious influence the utilization of the user's machine fields, eventually leading to the user cost of production is extremely high, and the use of maintenance is very convenient.

Technical implementation elements:

In view of the problems existing in the existing technologies mentioned above, the invention provides a transmission device for the head of the glove machine, which is simple and dexterous in structure, reduces the overall cost of the machine, greatly reduces the space occupied by the machine, and facilitates assembly and maintenance.

The purpose of the invention is realized through the following technical scheme:

A glove machine head gear, including installation frame and motor, described in the motor installed in referred to the right side of the frame, referred to the ends of the frame has left herringbone wallboard and right upper herringbone wallboard, described the right of the ends of the wallboard has the first fixed at the bottom of the seat and the second stationary seat, described at the bottom of the wallboard at both ends of the left one word respectively third fixed bridge and fourth fixed;The driving spindle is installed between the first fixed seat and the second fixed seat, and the two ends of the driving spindle are respectively provided with the first driving wheel and the second driving wheel;The third fixed seat and the fourth fixed seat are respectively provided with the first driven wheel and the second driven wheel;The first driving wheel is connected to the first follower through the first synchronous belt, and the second driving wheel is connected to the second follower through the second synchronous belt;The servo motor is installed in the motor mounting seat. The servo motor is connected with the motor pulley.The middle part of the driving spindle is provided with a synchronous belt pulley, and the motor belt pulley is connected with the synchronous belt pulley through the third synchronous belt;The front head and the rear head are also arranged between the left herringbone wallboard and the right herringbone wallboard. The front head is connected with the first synchronous belt through the first driving block, and the rear head is connected with the second synchronous belt through the second driving block.

Compared with prior art, the invention has the following beneficial effects:

1, using the parallel set on the original machine woven subject head before and after the two smaller synchronization transmission, on the right side of the servo motor and install only, and the original machine on the right side of the racks, meet the needs of the working stroke than sliding axis, sliding plane and so on, not only the overall machine significantly lower manufacturing costs, more important is much smaller machine appearance, greatly improving the user's site usage.

2. As the mounting seat of the original machine on the right side support frame, sliding shaft, sliding frame and other parts that meet the needs of working stroke is relatively large, and the new technology only sets a small volume servo motor mounting seat, which is not only convenient to manufacture, but also easy to assemble.

3. The appearance and volume of the machine are greatly reduced, giving people the feeling of small and exquisite, and the aesthetic degree has been greatly improved.

4, because the front and rear head drive separately, and the corresponding parts are simple and small, not only the assembly and debugging is simple, but also the maintenance is very convenient.