The invention relates to a manufacturing method of glove turning device

- Jun 21, 2019-

Background technology:

At present, except a integrated rubber gloves without suture with elastic knitted gloves or gloves, especially overalls gloves are used in machining process for knitting or technique of suture, will join in knitting or sewing together, in order to beautiful gloves, gloves knitting or sewing from the opposite side, knitting or after the suture, the gloves over again, make the appearance smooth side as positive, knitting or stitching is hidden inside.

At present, the gloves are usually turned manually, that is, hard rods are used to turn the head cover of each finger one by one, which consumes time, energy and low efficiency.But there are also the simple gloves over frame, but the degree of automation is low, need to manually set the glove on the hand print, after part glove finger flip again by artificial dig out the palm of your hand and then remove the sorting, warehousing, low degree of automation, low machining efficiency, counting and prone to errors, causing unnecessary loss to the enterprise.

Therefore, the key to solve the problem is to develop a glove turning device with simple operation and effective reduction of labor intensity.

Technical implementation elements:

The utility model aims to provide a glove turning device with compact structure, simple operation and effective reduction of labor intensity.

The purpose of the utility model is realized as follows:, including frame component, the fingerprint on fingerprint with the fingerprint is concave and convex, set in the frame component part of fingerprint, both sides of the frame components set the guide bar, respectively, through the slide on the fingerprint corresponding Settings in the upper guide rod in the fingerprint, the top of the rack components set the connection slide power apparatus, make the power device drive slide along the guide bar up and down reciprocating movement, part of guide bar is set suits, suit institutions including sliding sleeve, strut, connecting rod, gripper and power plant, described the strut has two, symmetrical set at the ends of the connecting rod, described the strut set at the end of the sliding sleeve, the other end of the holder,The power device is arranged at the lower part of the rack assembly, and the power device connects the connecting rod through a connecting shaft.

Beneficial effects: the utility model structure is compact, easy to operate, through suit institutions can next to realize automatic glove on the hand print dress and discharge is divided, improve the gloves over automation, through to the drive slide of power device on fingerprint with the fingerprint for gloves, reduces the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, improve economic efficiency.