The invention relates to a manufacturing method of finger turning device for gloves

- Jun 13, 2019-

[technical field]

The utility model relates to a glove production equipment, in particular to a glove turning finger device.

Background technology

At present except a integrated rubber gloves without suture, other types of gloves, such as cloth gloves, cotton gloves and leather gloves, in the process of making all adopts the technique of suture, stitching at the connecting together, in order to beautiful gloves, gloves are stitched from the opposite side, after the seam, the gloves over again, make the appearance smooth side as positive, stitching is hidden inside, since there are five refers to the set of a glove, and refers to the set of shape is long and narrow, one by one to turn over, turn refers to the low efficiency, the most commonly used method is to existing refers to the set set of gloves on a hollow tube,Using sticks, manually pound the finger cover into the hollow tube to turn over the finger, but the thicker the glove thickness, the more difficult it is to turn over, the more power is needed, the labor intensity is very large, and the power control is not good, it is easy to break the glove, the actual damage rate of the glove in the process of turning over the finger is relatively high.

[contents of utility model]

The problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide a glove finger turning device for improving the work efficiency of finger turning, reducing labor intensity and glove breakage rate.

To solve the above problems, adopted by the technical scheme of the utility model is: a glove refers to the device, including internal hollow sleeve, sleeve described the upper part of the set has to match the sleeve and can up and down movement of the plunger, socket set up can be described along the longitudinal reciprocating motion of the guide sleeve parts, described in the guide components between the bottom and the bottom of the sleeve set elastic components, described the elastic component is in a state of freedom, described in the guide parts on the end face out of the sleeve.

Use, refers to the suit of the glove on the sleeve, and then through the cylinder, oil cylinder or other power unit driving plunger downward movement, push rod instrumentation within the sleeve of gloves refers to the process of casing pressure into the sleeve, has realized the cot, assisted with the hand made gloves with plunger upward movement away from the casing and will in turn point to set down from the plunger, then other unturned refers to suit the complete similar flip process on the sleeve, five fingers until the gloves are complete, high degree of automation, greatly improving the refers to the work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity and the breakage of mittens.

The utility model adopts the above technical scheme and has the following advantages:

This glove turning device has high automation degree, high processing efficiency, and reduces the labor intensity of workers and the breakage rate of gloves.