The invention relates to a manufacturing method of glove demoulding method

- Jun 11, 2019-

Background technology:

At present, in the production line of gloves, hand mold glue, drying, cooling, edge winding, pre-stripping, stripping, points, packaging.In the whole assembly line, demoulding and counting are important links.Demoulding is to pull down the gloves after the pre-demoulding from the hand mold, and counting is to count the qualified gloves for shipment.At present, the most primitive way of demoulding is to use manual demoulding, that is, to use manual pulling gloves to remove gloves from the hand mold, and also rely on manual counting. This way requires a lot of labor, but due to the poor production environment, it seriously affects the health of workers and the counting accuracy of workers.Now also have automatic stripping equipment, the automatic stripping equipment exist the following problems: 1. The current automatic stripping equipment generally with counting, in the process of testing, the workers would remove unqualified gloves, so the corresponding without gloves on the fingerprint, and at present the automatic stripping equipment will also count the vacancy fingerprint, which count is not accurate, lead to customer complaints.2. The gloves of the current automatic demoulding equipment are not arranged neatly after demoulding, which affects the subsequent packaging and reduces the production efficiency.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the invention is to provide a glove stripping method, which solves the defects in the prior art.

The invention adopts the following technical solutions to solve technical problems:

A glove stripping method includes:

A. The gloves after pre-stripping are suspended at equal intervals and transported to the glove de-molding counting machine at A constant speed. The de-stripping wheel rotates at A constant speed driven by the de-molding wheel drive device;

B. When the demoulding wheel rotates to form a yield space, the glove is just sent into the yield space, and the glove will be counted once detected by the counting sensor;

C. The stripper wheel continues to rotate, and the force wheel surface gradually contacts with the glove and generates downward friction, and the glove is detached from the hand mold;

D. When the wrist mouth of the glove touches the belt conveyor, the belt conveyor runs forward to flatten the glove;

E. After leveling, the belt conveyor runs backward and returns to the initial position;

F. Repeat steps 2 to 5N times before delivering the gloves with conveyor.

After using the above technical scheme, the effect of the invention is: the demoulding points machine using demoulding wheel synchronous exert downward pull on gloves, gloves demoulding, and use the set points near the demoulding wheel sensor can accurately detect the presence of gloves, a counting the time, to eliminate the empty hand print and count, in this way, the automatic stripping chassis demoulding, automatic counting, improve production efficiency, improve the accuracy of the count, reduce customer complaints.

And because the vertical lifting of the conveying platform is installed on the rack, the conveying platform is driven by lifting power device.Gloves after parting rounds after demoulding by belt conveyer level, then the next height between the gloves and belt conveyer is narrow, this time by lifting power unit can drive transmission platform, to ensure that each gloves drop height consistent, so each gloves on the placement on the belt conveyer is the same, which can ensure the gloves lined on the belt conveyer.This solves the second counting problem.

Moreover, at least one stripper wheel is provided with at least one groove on the arc wheel surface.Therefore, the groove can give the glove with exhaust space, so that the glove in the demoulding process will be the glove air exhaust, thereby saving height space, easy to arrange the glove.

In addition, the invention also discloses a method for counting the number of the gloves on the hand mold, which can reasonably demoralize and count the gloves, thus solving the third technical problem to be solved by the invention.

In addition, the method of demoulding points also includes a method of arranging neatly between the NTH glove and the n-1st glove when falling.The arrangement method can solve the arrangement problem in at least two ways.The other is the glove drop height change, and adjust the belt conveyor leveling time and return to the initial position time to control the same drop point.This solves the fourth technical problem of invention.