The invention relates to a manufacturing method of glove production equipment which can change hand mould online

- Jun 06, 2019-

Background technology:

In the existing technology, a kind of gloves production equipment can online in fingerprint, which include production line main rail, rail and vertical, hinged at one end of the stem and the cross bar, on the other side of the stem solid with opening up the "U" shape of the fork, the production line the bottom of the main rail fixed slide rail, rail fixed edge at the end of the slider, slider instrumentation in the slide rail, as described in "U" shape the top of the fork with lateral opening "U" shaped card, its automation level is low, time consuming, greatly reduce the efficiency of production.

Technical implementation elements:

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to overcome the existing defects and provide a glove production equipment that can change the hand mould online, which has high automation level, saves time and effort, greatly improves the production efficiency, and can effectively solve the problems in the background technology.

To achieve the above purpose, the utility model provides the following technical scheme: a set of gloves can online in fingerprint production equipment, including base, described in the base two groups, two groups of base left and right sides is symmetrical, referred to the top of the pedestal fixed support bar, support bar end connection has roof, described fingerprint replacement devices are installed at the top of the roof, roof installed at the bottom of the lifting mechanism, end of lifting mechanism is equipped with fixed tooling, referred to the side of the roof to install open source SCM, open-source microcontroller input and the output of the power converter are connected.

As a technical scheme of the utility model, changing device including electric mechanical arm described fingerprint, electric mechanical arm at the top of the roof installation, end of electric mechanical arm is equipped with electric manipulator claw, referred to the output of the open source SCM respectively with that of the electric and mechanical arm electric manipulator claw input connection.

Compared with the existing technology, the utility model is beneficial effects: instinct online gloves production equipment in fingerprint, replaced by fingerprint device for moving and replacement of fingerprint, the high level of automation, save time and effort, greatly improving the production efficiency, lifting mechanism through changing is reserved for fingerprint work space, ensure the rationality of the design, through the fixed tooling for fingerprint is fixed, the fixed, make sure the safety of production, through fixed tooling replacement with fingerprint device for replacement of fingerprint, the replacement cycle is short, greatly improve the efficiency of production.