The invention relates to a manufacturing method of glove dipping device

- Jun 01, 2019-

Background technology:

Gloves as the use of protective equipment on many occasions to get more and more, especially when operating in order to protect the operator's hand, it is widely used gloves, position the cable on rubber device fingerprint gloves, hand print on the gloves dipping glue solution, the need for a glue, mix glue, secondary dipping and a series of actions to flip fingerprint, rubber gloves dipping machine in the process of impregnation needs accurate dip Angle and immersion depth, and need to excess glue drops after impregnation, then swing homogenate and flow flat excess glue drops, however in the oscillating homogenate and flow flat excess glue dripping steps, part of the glue drop fall into the machine or the ground,Thus, it has a certain impact on the working environment, not only causing waste but also causing certain harm to the workers in the working environment.

Technical implementation elements:

The utility model aims to provide a glove dipping device to solve one or more of the existing technical problems mentioned above.

According to the utility model of a rubber glove device, including the guide, it guide the sliding bracket box, solid of support frame described in a number of fingerprint and soak glue tank, described in the box set consists of two parallel support short edge and the fixed connection in short at the edge of the long side of the two, two shorter edges at both ends are equipped with gears, described above, long edge connections with a number of fingerprint described soak glue tank for cone shape, soak glue tank is equipped with lifting device, described in the guide rail by motor driven, described have set liquid trough soak glue tank connection, described the collection tank for the cone, and described with connected to soak glue tank.

The utility model provides a glue dipping device for gloves with simple and practical structure. By installing the liquid collecting tank, the glue drops on the gloves onto the liquid collecting tank and then fall back from the liquid collecting tank to the glue dipping tank, which avoids waste and prevents the glue drops from falling onto the machine or the ground, thus avoiding the damage of environment.