The invention relates to a manufacturing method of industrial protective PVC gloves

- May 29, 2019-

Background technology:

PVC gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer, stabilizer and viscosity reducer by mixing, filtering, defrosting, baking and other processes.It not only has pull good, strong and durable, acid and alkali resistant characteristics, but also has no stimulation to the skin, strong ability to separate bacteria from the surface, mainly to prevent the harm brought by static electricity, widely used in daily life and work.In the manufacturing industry, workers often use PVC gloves to prevent industrial materials from harming their hands.

Existing industrial protective PVC gloves no anti-shedding structure, PVC gloves in use process often fall off, repeated wear more trouble, the existing industrial protective PVC gloves shortcomings in the protection structure, the staff will often come into contact with the work some corrosive materials, PVC gloves anti-corrosion effect is poorer, at the same time, the heat insulation effect of PVC gloves, there is an urgent need for an industrial protective PVC gloves to solve the above problems.

Technical implementation elements:

In view of the shortcomings of the existing technology, the utility model aims to provide an industrial protective PVC glove to solve the problems raised in the above background technology.

In order to achieve the above purposes, the utility model is realized through the following technical scheme:An industrial protective PVC gloves, including gloves, palm, wrist, defense mechanism and protection mechanism and the fingers, fingers department described set gloves in the upper body, and described the wrist department set up in the glove body bottom, described the palm department set up in front of the glove body face middle position, anti-shedding organization setup described in hand wrist, described protection agencies set up inside the glove body, anti-shedding institutions including fixed pin, hole, arc set and spring, as described in both side hole symmetry to open in the hand wrist, left and right sides of the fixed pin through the wrist department described, described in the fixed pin is installed inside the hole,Arc described set of setting in the wrist department circular profile, described the fixed pin connected to sets of left and right sides of the arc, wrist and arc described set of middle position with spring, spring described symmetric set in left and right sides of the fixed pin protection institutions including anti-corrosion layer, puncture resistance, insulation and rubber layer, described in the anti-corrosion layer set up outside the glove body surface, anti-corrosion layer under the stated end face with puncture resistant layer, puncture resistant layer under the stated end equipped with thermal insulation, thermal insulation layer under the stated end is equipped with rubber layer, described in the anti-corrosion layer and insulating layer in the middle position with puncture resistant layer, described puncture resistant layer and rubber center is equipped with insulation layer.

Beneficial effects of this utility model: the utility model of a kind of industrial protection PVC gloves, because of the utility model adds a fixed pin, hole, arc and spring, and the design to prevent the shedding of PVC gloves, to solve the original industrial protective PVC gloves without anti-shedding structure problem, improve the use of the utility model is tight beam.

Because the utility model adds an anti-corrosion layer, a piercing resistant layer, a heat insulation layer and a rubber layer, the design improves the corrosion resistance and heat insulation of PVC gloves, solves the problems existing in the protection structure of the original industrial protective PVC gloves, and improves the protection effect of the utility model.

Because the fingers of the upper is equipped with rubber friction points, increase the use of the fingers of the friction, the design for the palm department equipped with antiskid protuberant point, the design improves the PVC gloves friction force, because of the filling of the insulating layer insulation, this design increases the PVC insulating gloves stays, the utility model structure is reasonable, prevent fall off, protective effect is remarkable, high protection.