The invention relates to a manufacturing method of a rapid drying device for rubber gloves used in industry

- May 29, 2019-

Background technology:

The general production process is as follows: rubber gloves gloves model by acid and alkali cleaning, water cleaning, wash the model into hot water heating before concreting to immersion and drying for rubber, rubber after send preliminary drying oven, plus fiber inner sleeve, hot water and then sent to the oven curing, drying, molding, gloves after demoulding inflatable inspection, low temperature finalizing the shoes design, temperature in a dry, after washing, dehydration, drying and packing to send finished goods warehouse.In the production process, a large amount of dust will be produced in the drying process, which will cause pollution to the environment. Meanwhile, the drying efficiency is slow, making it difficult to realize the large-scale drying operation.

Technical implementation elements:

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to overcome the defect of the existing technology and provide a rapid drying device for rubber gloves used in industry.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the utility model provides the following technical solutions:

The utility model industrial rubber gloves for a quick drying device, including ontology, ontology is stated at the top of the side to open air inlet, and described the cavity in the body through the air inlet and the circular tube connected, as described in fixed installation of electric heater air inlet, and described cycle mentioned in the trachea and electric heater connection, described side open a vent at the bottom of the ontology, and described the described in the body cavity through the vent loop pipe connected with the stated, described by the intake stated cycle mentioned in the trachea and vent connected, described in the ontology fixed installation side the end surface of the spindle box, and described the spindle box and described in the body cavity of main shaft fixed connection,The spindle box is fixedly connected with the output end of the drive motor. The spindle is fixedly installed with a number of side-by-side telescopic rods, and the end of each telescopic rod is fixedly connected with a casing.

The beneficial effect achieved by the utility model is that the utility model has a compact structure and convenient use.Socket by putting the gloves on dry casing, through carries on the circulation of hot air causes the gloves to get fast drying, the drying rate is fast, dry environment seal at the same time, effectively avoid the operation of dust leakage, greatly reduces the damage to the environment and employees, has the good economic efficiency and social efficiency, suitable for promotion use.

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