The invention relates to a manufacturing method of glove planting machine

- May 11, 2019-

Background technology:

Glove point molding machine is also known as glove planting machine, glove bead machine, glove dispensing machine, etc., is to plant a layer of PVC particles on the protective layer of labor protection gloves, used to increase the anti-slip gloves and durability of mechanical equipment, is the production of labor protection gloves production equipment.At present, fufan glove shaping machine is controlled by PLC automatic control system, electromechanical junction and.Special quartz infrared heating tube is used to plasticize PVC particles to improve the adhesion of PVC.

However, the existing technology of glove planting machine glove planting point multi-purpose dispensing column tube with horizontal rail sliding planting point, can not achieve the effect of up and down dual transmission parallel matching, so that the flexibility of the glove placement bracket reduced, a single fixed effect.

Technical implementation elements:

Aiming at the shortcomings of the existing technology, the utility model is designed to provide a kind of gloves point machine, in order to resolve the glove plant point machine plant is multi-purpose points gel column tube with transverse sliding rail point, to reach the effect of the upper and lower body double parallel with a transmission, lower the gloves placed pallets flexibility, a single fixed effect of problems.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model is realized through the following technical scheme:Transmission JiaGongTai, plant some fixed tube plate, and plant to lose gel column tube, slide rail beams, lose hose chamber, beam support board, rubber hose, rubber storage tank, planting machine base, integrated circuit boards, described are losing hose chamber vertical welding at planting gel column pipe, rubber hose described vertically on losing hose chamber and embedded with glue storage tank are interlinked, described in the embedded point lose gel column vertical tube fixed before planting points of fixed tube plate, described JiaGongTai level installed on transmission point machine base on graft and adopt mechanical connection, described in the beam support plate installed on the plant is equipped with two - machine base left corner and block left and right sides of the slide bar,Described plant pipe fixed point vertical installed on the slide rail beam boards before and USES the clearance fit, described in the integrated circuit board vertical installed within the plant point machine base and transmission JiaGongTai described with single wheel bearing plate, electric wheel bearing, gloves JiaGongTai, double wheel bearing plate, described in the electric wheel bearing with single wheel bearing plate, double wheel bearing plate through the gloves JiaGongTai USES the clearance fit, gloves JiaGongTai has described between two or more and is equipped with a single round plate with double bearing wheel bearing plate mechanical connection, described gloves JiaGongTai levels installed on point machine base on graft and adopt mechanical connection.

Beneficial effects

The utility model drive JiaGongTai with single wheel bearing plate, electric wheel bearing, gloves JiaGongTai, double wheel bearing plate, implements the glove plant point machine supporting point with gel column tube to two-way movement parallel to save processing time, and move with effective, improve the flexibility and plant point precision, make the gloves processing orderly and quickly.

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