The invention relates to a manufacturing method and process of nitrile foaming bead gloves

- May 11, 2019-

Background technology:

Rubber gloves are generally prepared by impregnating textile glove embryos with natural latex and synthetic latex on the surface to form a rubber layer after curing, which plays a role in hand protection.

Nitrile butadiene latex is a kind of latex with large polarity. The cured nitrile butadiene rubber has excellent water resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance, so it is widely used in the preparation of gloves.In order to further improve the air permeability, softness, and wearing comfort of nitrile gloves, the industry makes nitrile latex into foamed rubber gloves, impregnates the knitting glove embryos with the foamed rubber gloves, and then makes nitrile foamed rubber gloves by curing and drying.The disadvantage of nitrile foamed rubber is that the rubber surface is very smooth, resulting in the wear resistance of gloves, skid resistance is very limited, in the face of oil and water and other substances, gloves basically no skid resistance, resulting in the application of nitrile gloves functional defects.

For this reason, the industry is usually prepared by adding ball abrasive to macerate mortar and spraying salt on the surface of gloves.The process of salt spraying in this method causes serious air dust pollution in the workshop, which causes adverse effects on workers' bodies, and the salt will corrode metal pipes and equipment, reduce the service life of equipment, and also produce water bodies polluted by sodium sulfate.

There are several problems in the method described for the preparation of a latex dispensing glove :(1) the patented method does not apply beads to nitrile foaming gloves, so it only considers anti-slip but not softness and air permeability.(2) and the polymer material friction material that is configured in the patent is made according to the quality of 100 combined oil solvent resistant rubber or polymer materials or anti-static materials or high temperature resistant material, 1 ~ 2 copies of vulcanizing agent, 0.5 1 ~ 2 copy of promoter and surfactant mixture cooked into standby, in the process of preparation did not join any solvents such as water or oil, using automatic printing device automatically printed on polymer friction material, so it is unclear whether "polymer friction material" "printed" in what form, condition and way to the gloves on the surface of the rubber appearance.(3) the patented method has great difficulty in controlling the shape and pattern of the planting points and the height of the point bead protrusion.(4) this patented method does not carry out any pretreatment or pretreatment for the rubber latex gloves that have been vulcanized and dried, and directly prints the polymer material friction onto the outer surface of the rubber layer of the gloves.The combination between polymer friction and vulcanized and dried latex gloves is not strong enough, and it is easy to fall off in use.

Technical implementation elements:

In order to solve the problem of the existing technology, the present invention to provide a point of nitrile foam bead gloves manufacturing methods, this method can be used in production has been completed foam nitrile gloves, nitrile foam imitation frosted again processing of the wood rough surface (surface) gloves, nitrile gloves in the main point of gripping part on graft surface bead, and make some bead sub compact consolidation with foam nitrile gloves, in order to increase foam nitrile gloves skid resistance and enlarge its application scope.

In order to achieve the above purposes, the main technical scheme of the invention is as follows:

The invention relates to a manufacturing method of nitrile foaming bead gloves, including:

Dispensing bead glue: mix nitrile latex, water and ball abrasive to prepare a paste;The ball abrasive is obtained by grinding the ball mill by mixing the vulcanizing agent, active agent, dispersing agent, thickening agent and water in a certain mass ratio.

Pretreatment of nitrile foam gloves: moistening the surface of nitrile foam gloves where beads are needed;

Point beads: the sticky point beads are planted on the nitrile foaming gloves to form discrete point beads;

Curing point bead vulcanization: heating the nitrile foaming glove after the point bead is implanted. Under the heating effect, the point bead inside and the vulcanization cross-linking between the point bead and the rubber layer on the surface of the nitrile foaming glove can be cured to firmly implant the point bead on the nitrile foaming glove.

According to the above scheme, the beneficial technical effects of the invention include:

(1) the invention makes a paste paste with a glue leakage hole, and sticks the paste paste to the surface of nitrile foaming gloves one by one by means of extrusion (larger viscosity glue paste is extruded from the glue leakage hole).The surface of the board is provided with various shapes of glue leakage holes, such as square, round, triangle, oblong, oval, slender groove, etc., which determines the shape of planting beads. The depth of the glue leakage hole (generally the thickness of the board surface and bottom plate) is directly related to the amount of glue leakage, so it determines the height of the protrusion of the beads.In addition, the patterns formed by the holes on different boards are different, so the nitrile foam gloves with different beads can be prepared.The invention can realize the production of different point nitrile gloves only by virtue of the simple board surface and the rubber brush arm on the board surface. Compared with the computer programmed mobile rubber gun planting device, the board surface of the invention has the advantages of simple principle, low maintenance cost, convenient management, quick replacement and good controllability.

(2) the paste on the board has poor fluidity and is not easy to flow and slide on the surface of nitrile foam gloves, so that the implanted beads can be in a preset position and have a preset shape (size and shape) and height.At the same time, the adhesive property between the paste and the nitrile foaming gloves is good, which makes the implementation and operation of the planting procedure simple and controllable.

(3) the method of the invention also includes the pretreatment of nitrile foaming gloves before the planting point step, that is, wetting the parts on the surface of nitrile foaming gloves that need to be planted with beads.Through wetting operation, on the one hand, the original folded nitrile foam gloves become flat, so as to plant beads in the precise position;By wetting operation, on the other hand, the surface of the water can reduce the surface tension of foam nitrile gloves, make soft paste dot mucilage can easily be adsorbed at a predetermined position (point bead mucilage and water in polar phase adsorption), for the subsequent high temperature vulcanization curing processing, further make some bead occur between mucilage and foam nitrile gloves vulcanization crosslinking effect, so that the point of bead is solidified fast on consolidation to foaming gloves at the same time.In addition, there are many small foaming holes on the surface of nitrile foaming gloves, and air is filled in the foaming holes. The existence of air will lead to the large surface tension of gloves, which hinders the rapid adsorption of the paste bead glue.Air expands at high temperature, and gas expansion affects the curing crosslinking reaction.Therefore, the wetting effect can drive away the air and drive away the gas in the bubble hole on the surface of the nitrile foaming gloves, which is conducive to the rapid adsorption and curing crosslinking of the bead glue slurry.

(4) in the method of the invention, the ingredients of the bead glue slurry are green and environment-friendly, and do not contain non-degradable PVC materials. The planting point is easy to operate, and it can realize the industrial production with high efficiency and low cost.The surface adhesion strength between beads and nitrile foam gloves is high (polar adsorption, curing crosslinking).The gloves are butyronitrile foam gloves, and the bead glue is butyronitrile glue. The two are homogeneous rubber with better adhesion/fusion.

When the method of the invention is used to produce nitrile foaming bead gloves, different plates can be selected according to the need, and the glue leakage holes on different plates can be square or round or triangle, etc., and these glue leakage holes can be combined into different patterns or shapes.By using different boards, we can produce different patterns of nitrile foam gloves, which have beautiful appearance and excellent anti-skid, comfortable, breathable and wear-resistant characteristics.

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