The invention discloses a method for making outdoor protective PVC gloves

- Jun 13, 2019-

Background technology:

PVC gloves are comfortable to wear, low cost, less allergy, puncture resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, widely used in various protection fields.

The human body receives the short time ultraviolet radiation to be able to produce the skin to suffuse the red, the itch, the allergic papule;Prolonged exposure to radiation can cause serious damage to skin tissue, and adequate doses of radiation can even cause cancer of the skin.We usually take measures to reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays such as wearing suntan lotion, hat and sunglasses, but the hand skin is not effectively protected.Therefore, it is of great significance to develop a protective glove that can not only remind the wearer of the intensity of ultraviolet radiation, but also absorb ultraviolet radiation in order to meet the requirements of wearing and using outdoor workers for a long time.

Technical implementation elements:

In view of this, the purpose of the utility model is to provide an outdoor protective PVC glove. The outdoor protective PVC glove provided by the utility model has the ability of absorbing ultraviolet rays and can show the intensity of ultraviolet rays.

The utility model provides an outdoor protective PVC glove, including the glove body, wherein the glove body is a three-layer structure bonded to each other, and the three-layer structure is a PU layer, a PVC layer containing ultraviolet absorbent and a PVC layer containing photochromic agent from the inside out successively.

Compared with the existing technology, the utility model provides a protective gloves, PVC outdoor ontology, including gloves gloves described ontology for three layers structure of mutual adhesion, described the three layer structure from the inside to the outside of PU, PVC layer contains ultraviolet absorption agent and PVC containing photochromic agent layer, among them, contains ultraviolet absorber layer of PVC with super uv absorption ability, effectively prevent ultraviolet (uv) opponent of skin damage;As for the PVC layer containing photochromic agent, after sunlight exposure, the color changes reversibly from colorless to colored, and the stronger the uv intensity, the darker the color, which can not only remind the wearer of the uv level, but also increase the fun of wearing.The gloves are suitable for people who work outdoors for a long time, which can effectively prevent the harm of ultraviolet rays on the skin of the hand, and has the advantages of simple preparation, low cost and strong practicability.