The invention relates to a production method of a PU glove production drying device

- Jun 11, 2019-

Background technology:

Gloves production process needs to be dry processing, intelligent drying device on the market at present is not enough, must be in the process of drying the staff to determine whether dry end, based on the experience and the current domestic human resources nervous, labor costs are high, is a not small cost for enterprise, and will often happen in the process of drying the gloves have finished drying, drying equipment is running, this has caused a lot of energy loss.

Technical implementation elements:

In view of the above problems, the utility model provides a drying device for producing PU gloves, which can effectively solve the problems in the background technology.

To achieve the above purposes, the utility model provides the following technical scheme:A drying device, PU gloves production including the throttle valve, throttle valve connected with the condenser, described described in connection with compressor, condenser mentioned condenser connection has a drying chamber, described in drying chamber is equipped with damper, described under the baffle side is equipped with the weighing sensor, weighing sensor described the connection with filter, filter described connection signal amplifier, signal amplifier connection with single chip microcomputer, described described MCU IO output port connection with voltage regulator, voltage regulator described connection compressor, described in the drying chamber on the wall is equipped with pressure sensor, pressure sensor described connecting MCU, described in the drying chamber top connected with pneumatic valve.

Compared with the existing technology, the utility model beneficial effect is that the utility model adopts single-chip microcomputer to collect the weight of the gloves provide feedback control signal to the compressor work, makes the compressor in the process of dry gloves can carry on the power regulation according to the drying process, the energy is saved and also ensure the quality of the production of gloves, gloves production created greatly benefit for the factory.