The improvement of the technology of uniform glue in the process of condom production

- Mar 21, 2019-

In the process of condom production, the uniform glue of the film when the film is impregnation directly affects the dispersion of the film.When the model is finished, due to the fluidity of latex, a drop of glue is often formed in the head. If this drop of glue is not well dispersed, the condom film will have obvious marks, and the film will deviate when it is flushed, which will affect the bursting performance of the condom.The traditional production line of vertical flip plate drying condom USES the rack to force the model to rotate after the model is dipped in glue, so that the film can be distributed evenly.Due to the short rotation time of the model, bad rotation concentricity, difficult adjustment with the rack, especially the Angle of the mold is not consistent, etc., the film dispersion is difficult to achieve the ideal state.A better way to flip the plate is to complete the model, with a certain Angle of uniform concentric rotation enough time, so that the film in the longitudinal and transverse can be dispersed evenly.

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