The difference between butylene gloves and latex gloves

- Apr 03, 2019-

Gloves are generally divided into single material and composite material.Simple is that we common to the medical gloves, the gloves can also be used as our family rain wash gloves, colloquially speaking, the main material is a kind of raw material.The common cloth gloves, leather gloves.Nitrile gloves are artificial rubber, latex gloves are natural rubber, nitrile gloves generally do not cause human allergies, scalability than latex gloves, latex gloves due to protein containing some allergic constitution will cause allergies.In terms of comfort and protection, nitrile gloves with chemosmosis resistance are superior.

Composite is a common latex gloves, it is also known as rubber gloves, rubber gloves, coated gloves, the gloves are made of cloth or yarn into gloves, and then the gloves soaked in a good preparation of glue in a moment, after drying into a rubber gloves.

This kind of glove glue is commonly used in the natural latex and synthetic rubber, the artificial rubber, which has butylene gum, so butylene gloves and latex gloves are named according to the glove material, according to the nature of the rubber can produce the performance of gloves.General glistening gloves his characteristics are suitable for oil operations, such as gas stations.The characteristics of latex gloves are soft and wear-resistant, suitable for a wide range of, of course, in the amount of rubber gloves, some latex gloves are very hard to wear are added light calcium caused by the gloves hair hard, so that the gloves hand is not smart and comfortable.