The die and production line of rubber - dipped and embossed gloves

- May 29, 2019-

Background technology:

The latex embossing hand mold on the ordinary embossing production line has flat palm surface and back of palm 1, and the bottom of hand neck 2 is in the same plane as the palm surface.The palm 1 of the hand mould in the ordinary rubber dipping production line has a certain radian, which is only used for rubber dipping but not for embossing.Therefore, the hand mold of embossing production line and dip rubber production line cannot be universal. During glove processing, the first die should be set before dipping rubber, the first die should be taken off after dipping rubber, and the second die should be set before embossing rubber.It is necessary to pay special attention to the positioning of gloves when setting molds twice. Once the gloves are partial, defective products are likely to be produced.

When producing embossed gloves, the first step must be pre-vulcanized by dipping rubber in the general dipping rubber production line and then washed;The second step is to embossing the plain embossing hand die in the ordinary embossing glove production line.The third step to set drying production line for vulcanization.In this way, the production of embossed gloves requires three different production lines and three different hand molds to produce the products of embossed gloves.The qualified rate of finished products can not be effectively controlled for the dip rubber embossed gloves produced in this way.Low productivity;Three different production lines are needed, which leads to high equipment cost and large space consumption. Meanwhile, it also increases labor cost, resulting in high cost of embossed gloves.

Technical implementation elements:

(1) technical problems to be solved

The invention provides a dip-embossed glove mould which can be continuously produced by dip-embossed and embossed gloves in the same production line, and a dip-embossed glove production line with the dip-embossed glove mould.

(2) technical scheme

To achieve the above purposes, the main technical scheme of the invention includes:

On the one hand, the invention provides a dip-rubber embossed glove mould, including finger, palm and hand neck. The finger face of the finger and the palm face of the palm are both flat, and the finger face and the palm face of the palm are located in the same plane;The hand neck is inclined from the palm surface to the back of the palm in the direction away from the palm. The axis of the hand neck and the middle finger axis are at an Angle greater than 90° and less than 180°.

(3) beneficial effects

The beneficial effects of the invention are:

The dip and embossing glove mould provided by the invention can realize the continuous production of dip and embossing in the same production line, reducing the production link and improving the production efficiency.

The rubber embossed glove production line provided by the invention is provided with the rubber embossed glove mould, which can realize both rubber dipping and embossing at the same time, reducing the production process and improving the production efficiency.