The condom production line is made by means of a steering track

- Jun 05, 2019-

Background technology:

Existing condoms are made of synthetic natural rubber, natural latex and waterborne polyurethane without adding additives through pollution-free synthetic processing, the product is thin (0.02mm), the product of good density and high barrier, does not contain water-soluble protein and nitrosamines.

Condom production line at present, in the process of production mold has been upright, condom is made in the process of semi-finished products can cause in under the action of gravity, such as thin under thick, affect the quality of the products, the existing technology, has adopted horizontal drying production line structure, but the condom production line after various processing program has vertical state into the state of the lateral track structure is complex, track structure is not stable, and to track the production cost is higher.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the utility model is to provide the steering track for condom production line, so as to solve the problem of complicated track structure, unstable track structure and high production cost of the steering track proposed in the above background technology.

To achieve the above purposes, the utility model provides the following technical scheme:Condom production lines used to track, including base, described in the base set headed with stents, described in the upper bracket set on rails, described with the top of the track Settings have slippery course, set on the upper surface of slide rail there are a number of mold, described in the mold by mold installation with fixed connection between slide rail, referred to the lower end of the slide rail fixed connection with slide rail base, described in the slide rail base embedded set in the interior of the orbit, and both sides of the slide rail base symmetric set several idler pulley, described in the slides under the surface of the base set rack, described in the orbital runs several hole under the surface,Described in the top bracket located at the bottom of the slide rail base location set drive gear, gear described by gear bracket is installed on the upper bracket, and mentioned the top base is located in the stand on one side of the drive motor, described in the drive motor through a transmission mechanism and between the drive gear transmission connection, described in the drive motor and electrical connection between the power converter.

Compared with the existing technology, the utility model beneficial effect is: adopt unique to the form of the track structure of slide rail can be stable in the interior of the orbit, prevent slippery course and the mould is loose, adopt the structure of spiral orbit, ensure mold transverse Settings in the drying process, to ensure that the product drying effect, idler pulley set reduces the resistance between orbit and slippery course, effectively improve the efficiency of flow, the overall scientific and reasonable structure, strong practicability.